July 17, 2013


{Photos by Zach; wearing Tibi pants, Zara top, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Smart Set Fedora}

A few days ago I had a very frustrating conversation. It got to a point that I just went silent. I realized I can try to explain how I feel until I am blue in the face and it would still be as though I am talking to a brick wall. Then I realized that my conversations with this person it has been like this with this for months now.

I know why this happened. I’ve been told that I’ve changed a lot these past 4 months. But people are supposed to change and adapt to whatever is being thrown at them. The issue is that some don’t like the change because now you don’t fit into their lives. And instead of embracing the change they keep shoving their views at you trying to change you back.

Anyway, my change doesn’t bother me. I feel I’ve learned a lot these few months. It’s having to defend myself to people that think I ought to live a certain way which bother me.