September 23, 2013

Don't Feel Bad

{photos by Zach and me; wearing Jacob moto jacket, Sheinside pants}

Ahh preparing fall with my favorite tweed jacket from Jacob. I had a one on one with my manager at work the other day. He asked me standard HR questions such as "do you like your job?" and "where do you see yourself in 5 years?". I hate that second question. I can't foresee the future, plans change and shit happens. But I do believe that things happen for a reason.

On a lighter note, I finally got the new camera lens I've been wanting. I'm so happy.

Things you don't have to feel bad about 

1. Ordering fries with your meal instead of salad 
You're out and you're not working. So if you want to order fries, JUST DO IT. Salad might be more healthy, but you have every other day at home to eat like a buddha monk. Just enjoy!

2. Asking for what's yours 
The only person who will fight for you is yourself. Too often we hope others will read our mind and give us what we want instead of us flat out asking. Asking can be awkward and sometimes there will never be a good time to ask, but when you look back you will be glad that at least you asked instead of thinking if only.

3. Not going out with your friends 
It is okay to stay home and go to bed at 10pm on a friday night instead of going out with friends. You're not being anti-social. This does not mean that you are an introvert. And even if you are, that is not a bad thing. We all need our own personal time to recharge. You're not letting anyone down by skipping out doing tequila shots. If they're real friends, they will understand.

4. Jumping from jobs to jobs 
Times have changed. Unlike our grandparents, we don't just stay in our one job for 10 years. Unlike our parents, we can't just move to a foreign country with $20 and become established. You won't hear stories such as "Toni Braxton got discovered while she was humming at the gas station" in our generation. Job market has become far more competitive. Companies restructure and layoff employees all the time. There is no loyalty anymore. So if you want to take a job to make ends meet and meanwhile map your escape route, do it. Just don't share your escape route too soon. Not until it's time.

5. Fight for your opportunities 
"The world is your oyster" but it is other's too. The world is one giant competitive oyster that everyone is fighting to get a piece. So keep your eyes peeled and fight for opportunities. Everything worth having comes with a fight.

6. Changing your mind 
You will change your mind and you will change your mind again. Your friends will change and they will change their minds. Things that will kill you probably won't. Things that you thought you would never do you will probably do. Things you thought you can never live without you actually can. The greatest lessons are only learned the hard way anyway, so just go with the flow.

If your job is making you miserable, find another one. If your significant other take you for granted, end it. If you have friends that mentally exhaust you, ditch them. The world is a big place and there will be other jobs, other relationships and other friendships if you keep an open mind. Just own up to your decisions, though.