September 26, 2013

Goodbye Blackberry

{Photos by Sabrina}

Blackberry recently suffered from a 1 billion dollar loss and they are cutting 40% of their employees. Now they are planning to sell the company and break it in pieces.

I worked for them for almost 5 years and I am definitely thankful that I got out when I did. Looking back I feel blessed of how everything turned out. While I love my new job, I'm sad that Blackberry turned out this way.

It's unfortunate because Blackberry was one of the biggest Canadian companies. I never thought that Blackberry was as innovative as their competitors but I always find it distasteful when Canadians, especially Canadian business owners, openly slam Blackberry for no real reason. I don't think these people realize how much the corporation contribute to the Canadian economy through taxes and philanthropy, plus all the taxes its employees pay, plus the corporation's financial support to other Canadian businesses.

I loved how Blackberry kept the core of their employees in Canada instead of outsourcing. I loved how when I called for my Playbook support it was always some Canadian from some small town who answers rather someone from a developing country. I loved that they didn't take advantage of the low wage and wanted to keep it all Canadian.

It's sad that Blackberry invented the smart phone and is now lost in the smart phone industry. It's sad that towns such as Waterloo and Guelph will now suffer from high unemployment and its people will have to move to another town to find other jobs. And it's sad that big Canadian corporations all seem to eventually become American.

Anyway, all good things come to an end. We will see how it goes.