September 3, 2013

Last Run

{Photos by Sabrina; wearing Rockport sandals, Gap blouse, Smartset shorts}

I hope you guys all had a good weekend. I worked the entire weekend, but hey, what better way to celebrate Labour Day weekend by doing labor! But it is my choice to work a second job, as I get bored if all I have is my 9 to 5 desk job. Plus the food at my restaurant is delicious and I get a nice discount. And in this recession economy, it's good to have a healthy savings account. Gawd, I'm sounding like my parents more and more everyday...


  1. Haha! Nothing wrong with wanting to have a healthy savings account! It looks like you've got some beautiful weather going on there and I love your shoes!

  2. your hat is super super cute!! such a classy outfit :) I think a savings account is awesome, in case the economy decides to crash or if I ever decide to buy a helicopter. Or a moose. I'm leaning more towards moose at the moment.

  3. You're a smart girl! Good for you! Love these pictures! Your outfit is cute.

  4. I don't know about sounding like your parents, but it sounds pretty awesome. My account balance got sick recently (and me too), but it's a long story (that involves accidentally opening someone else's credit card statement). **gasp**

    That's beautiful scenery...and you're one of the few people I know who looks good in hats!

  5. Lovely perfect look for a comfy day ;)
    have a nice day dear!


  6. Your outfit is so fresh, light and relaxed...makes me want to go on a fantastic roadtrip. Sounding like your parents is not all that bad...sometimes it means you are becoming wiser with time.


  7. Beautiful photos. Love the sun-drenched backdrop and your summery outfit!

    Sounds like you're doing well. Hope the new job is good. :)

  8. having a savings is definitely important :) you look so perfectly summery and i love that hat!

  9. Considering how poor the economy is, it's good to have some money put aside. Glad that you seem to be doing well and I like your blouse!

  10. Gorgeous look!


  11. Haha, you're getting olllld :P
    Nah, its good to realize these things!
    Love the bold blue stripe in your fedora

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Love all your photo shots! Your outfit look so comfy
    Its great that you are so hard working to take a 2nd job. Wish I have the
    same attitude, but I'm a lazy bee :(

  13. You sound like a smart girl =) I like it! I would love to have another, if it wasnt for school I would totally get a second job... But anyways, I love your style =)

  14. Hah, save save save. You'll be happy you did. Cool outfit by the way.

  15. I wished I had a healthy savings account!
    Very cute outfit, loving the polka dots! :D

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    cassandra xx

  16. Nothing bad with being responsible :) Love the blue sash on the hat!

    Mili from call me, Maeby