October 2, 2013

Being Busy Is The New Being Cool

By your mid 20's, unless you are from a wealthy family so you don't need to work as hard or you are a trophy wife who have a fluky "entrepreneurial business" on the side to pass your time while idolizing the women on Real Housewives reality shows until you get knocked up... I think most of us realized that you can either work you ass off at a job, have money but no time to spend it, or have all the time in the world but no money because you're unemployed. Balance is not as easy as our parents' days.

We are all busy. We have our jobs, our other job, side projects, hobbies, sports, errands to run, meetings, time with friends and family. We all have a life outside of work. I had a friend whom every time I asked "how are you doing?" she always answered: "ugh, soooo busy" or "busy with soo many projects!". When I attend fashion events it's always the same people who stress how busy they are. To be honest it has been 2 years and I still have no clue what those people do on daily basis.

Being busy is cool. Being busy is brag worthy. I dated a guy for months who took days to reply back to my text because he was "too busy". Everything was tentative and he would spontaneously cancel because he was too busy to commit his time. It was unfair that I was always put on hold. Eventually when I broke it off, he accused me that I didn't understand and support his busy lifestyle.

Telling someone that you are more busy than them is the new way of saying that you are cooler than them. You're too busy with your job and projects because everyone wants you. It's brag-worthy because you are desirable. You are in demand and you are successful.

I'm not trying to belittle someone's workload. But we all know that if we want to do something, we will find time for it- I will always have time to spend a few hours on the phone with my family but I can never find time to pay for my phone bill. So if someone is too busy to be with you or just to say hello, they most likely don't think you're worth their time.

If Meryl Streep have time for her family, Angelina Jolie have time to still do all those charity work, and Taylor Swift have time to vacay and date up a storm, I'm sure we can all find a balance. I mean, there is such things as "being organized", "work smart" and "work efficient", after all.