October 21, 2013


{Photos by Alyssa; wearing Forever 21 plaid pants, Gap shirt, Halston Heritage clutch, Boohoo heels}

We are made of undefinable compilation of our experiences, and some things are not meant to be explained.

You can come up with a list of reasons to do something and a list of reasons to not do the same thing. But the heart knows what it want. We don't have to 'have' reasons why. We don't need reasons why we suddenly decide to move, and we don't need reasons why we change jobs. This is not an excuse to be irresponsible. I'm just saying that nobody knows what's best for you than you and nobody knows what you want more than you. It's a waste to decide what you should and shouldn't do base on standard social convention. You have to trust your heart.

You can spend the rest of your life with someone who you have reasons to be with, whether it is because of their wealth, status or physical appearance. But that is not love. They don't light you up inside. And the more intimately you know them, the more flaws you will see. The more flaws you see, the more reasons to not be with them. That's why marriages fail. Love is choosing to be with someone and their flaws. Love is accepting their darkness and defying the impulse to jump ship.

Similarly, you don't have to have reasons why you're walking away and you shouldn't have to explain why you haven't forgiven someone. We all have an unrecoverable breaking point. And that is okay.

I shouldn't have to have reasons why I hang out with you, I shouldn't have to have reasons why you are my friend, and I definintely shouldn't have reasons why I love you. I just feel it. And hope you feel the same too.


  1. I want pants like yuors, yuo are so good with these :)

  2. I definitely agree with you Miss PopChampagne! Anyway, I love your jacket and your sandals. ;)

    Ericka of http://behappblue.blogspot.com

  3. I love your pants. I think love starts with a feeling but its also commitment. Sometimes I want to put my husband in a blender because he's being a whiny butt, but I still have to stick it out thinking of the good memories and tunnel through the hard choices and decisions because I made a choice to love him (regardless if we were married or not). :P I do think you are right, through. Feelings are important. However I've hurt people by choosing my feelings over propriety or sanity or plain comment sense, and I also think I spent most of my teenage years discovering and following my feelings and making a lot of mistakes that way.

  4. stunnin look, as allways, my sweety)))) have a fabolous work week, my lovely)))) xx)))

  5. I agree. The heart knows what it wants. My head just accepts that, and then my head tries to figure out what is the most strategic, albeit safe, way to get there haha. I've begun to make decisions based on feelings these days, and I don't regret any of it. Great outfit as always, especially the jacket :) x

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    follow each other ?:)
    let me know ! :*

  7. I love how you said this. We don't need reasoning to explain how we feel. Sometimes, we just FEEL it. Why question it?
    Awesome plaid pants you're rocking here!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Nobody else knows better and nobody else is going to have to live with the consequences, so I'm with you, we have to go our own way.

    I like the episodes of shows that have friends/partners talking about each other's annoying habits...we all have them. The shows highlight that without love (in some form, including friendship) we're all basically impossible to be around day in and day out. lol!

    PS - I have a reason, but it's a good one--you're awesome! :)

  9. Also, about the compilation...should I worry that my wife is always asking me, "What did your family do to you???" :D

  10. fab post!!!


  11. Well put. Plus I want that purse. I have a feeling it's outside of my budget, though.

  12. Love these pants! Your heels look fab with them.

  13. Loved this post, and so true! Sometimes our intuition guides us to act on a subconcious level that we're not aware of. Love the outfit, btw. Those pants are absolutely gorgeous!

    Are we following each other already? If not, we definitely should!


  14. Such a pretty outfit, dear! I love those pants :) ♥

  15. Real adorable outfit. Thank you for visiting my blog following you by google.

  16. Cute outfit! Looking forward to seeing you at the cocktail tonight!

  17. You are looking fabulous. I love those red plaid pants and also the bag.


  18. You are right, go your way...
    I like your outfit, the pants are fantastic


  19. What a well thought post, love you jacket today too.

  20. Such beautiful words. Your jacket is amazing, also!

  21. Oooh, I like this outfit a lot! Those pants are fab and look so nice with your shoes!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  22. Great outfit. Love your look! :)
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  23. Nice style :)


  24. Love the pants! You look stunning"
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  25. Great look! Lovely post :)

  26. this edgy look are totally into <3 love your plaid pants <3

  27. You are so pretty ! Perfect style beauty, love your pants :)