December 2, 2013

Kicking In

{Photo by Alyssa; wearing Guess jacket, Zara shirt, Alex & Ani bracelet, Chanel bag, Alexander Wang booties}

I ate 4 full sized chocolate cupcakes this morning because I felt like it. And I'm now dying here.

Things you don't have to feel bad about

1. Eating the last piece of cheese on the cater platter.

2. Pretending to be sick so you can have alone time to yourself on a Friday night.

3. Thinking New York is over rated.

4. Knowing all the lyrics to a Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift song.

5. Telling someone how you feel.

6. Working too much.

7. Not returning someone's text message after 9pm.

8. Picking things up with your toes while you're watching TV.

9. Planning your wedding when you don't even have a boyfriend.

10. Wanting to make more money to buy more unnecessary things.

11. Not picking up your phone when your parents call and later saying "sorry I was busy!"

12. Not forgiving someone because you're not ready to.