December 30, 2013


{Photos by my dad; wearing Free People dress, DIY floral crown}

You can't say no to parents. They raised you. They feed you and do your laundry when you're home. So when I'm forced to walk around box stores for an extended period of time with them, I wear weird shit.

Yesterday I made a point of walking around the stores with my dad in my flower crown and a long cape so people would stare at us. It makes my dad feel awkward so he would leave quickly instead of ho-huming on whether he should buy the 6 plug multi plug adapter or the 4 plug multi plug adapter and then asking me if teeth whitening works and whether he should try it and then stare at a row of chicken breasts wondering what he should make for dinner.
It's a passive rebellion without having to confront my parents that I rather stay home in my underwear watching Netflix. And having tons of 'abnormal' clothes, I'm damn good at it.