December 12, 2013

Winter Necessities

{Cougar Pillow Boots, Manitobah Mukluks Moccasins, Burberry rain boots, scarf & ear muffs}

Taking these pictures make me realize one good thing about snow- it can be a great reflector. Sure, you get salt on your clothes and you count down the days between slipping and falling on your tailbone, but damn they make your pictures look ever so bright.

Currently these 3 pair of shoes is what I'm wearing every day:

1. Cougar pillow boots- For staying outside for an extended period of time. These boots withstand up to -30C/-22F so it's great for Ottawa as it hurts like a mo-fo when your toes freeze. Plus the inside does feel like a giant pillow.

2. Manitobah Moccasins- For dry winter days. The soft leather and the spongy sole make the shoe so comfortable. They feel like slippers!

3. Burberry Nova Hearts Rainboots- For freezing rain days and for days when the snow is higher than your ankle and you don't want to get your pant legs wet. Because getting your pant legs wet eventually get your socks wet and that's a very uncomfortable feeling. I know, me and my first world problems.

Contrary to popular belief we Canadians don't actually snow shoe everywhere in winter. Though I did see a guy with cross country skis skiing on the side walk last week. It kind of blew my mind, just a little.