January 16, 2014

All That Algae

{Photos by dad; wearing Burberry Nova Heart Rain Boots, Urban Outfitters tank, DIY flower crown}

This lake is about 10 minutes from my parent's house. My sister Victoria and I jog here all the time. It's really pretty in the morning when it's all foggy as it looks like a scene out of those Lord of the Rings movies.

The green sheen make the lake look extra wonderful in these pictures but it's actually a severe case of algae that would cause diarrhea, vomiting and headaches when being consumed.

Nature does what it wants to, like people. My sister Patti and I were thinking of starting a "anonymous family thread" on Facebook where we post anonymous wall posts about each other like "Hi Mom, please stop chewing so loud at dinner" or "Hi Julie, please do your own god damn dishes". It's a wonderful idea except our family only consist 5 people so we would all figure out who posted what and eventually kill each other. Anyway, while you can't change someone, I do keep a list of candidates in case if one day I figure out how.