January 16, 2014

All That Algae

{Photos by dad; wearing Burberry Nova Heart Rain Boots, Urban Outfitters tank, DIY flower crown}

This lake is about 10 minutes from my parent's house. My sister Victoria and I jog here all the time. It's really pretty in the morning when it's all foggy as it looks like a scene out of those Lord of the Rings movies.

The green sheen make the lake look extra wonderful in these pictures but it's actually a severe case of algae that would cause diarrhea, vomiting and headaches when being consumed.

Nature does what it wants to, like people. My sister Patti and I were thinking of starting a "anonymous family thread" on Facebook where we post anonymous wall posts about each other like "Hi Mom, please stop chewing so loud at dinner" or "Hi Julie, please do your own god damn dishes". It's a wonderful idea except our family only consist 5 people so we would all figure out who posted what and eventually kill each other. Anyway, while you can't change someone, I do keep a list of candidates in case if one day I figure out how.


  1. yes! it totally looks like the one in LOTR!
    i like your top!

  2. Living with family can be challenging at the best... the water looks great... too bad it's full of algae :-/

  3. The scene is breathtaking and I agree we can't change people!

  4. OBSESSED with your jeans, top, and flower crown, so serene and beautiful.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  5. It does look like a scene of Lord of the Rings!
    And it could fit in a horror scene as well haha..
    Anyway you look great, nice floral headband!

  6. Beautiful pictures, I wish there were more lakes where I live :) xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  7. Magical photos ! This style is so romantic. I want your beautiful top and your flower crown is beautiful :)

  8. It's a shame we can't tell people when they're being annoying without them getting their noses out of joint. If they kept an open mind it could really help them. I once gave a jerky co-worker some advice about his behavior...he thanked ma and avoided me for 3 years. It ended well, we're friends now.

    Aside from writing shorter blog posts, what should I change? :)

  9. Beautiful photos and I love your flower crown! The Facebook wall post idea would be better for a class room or a work environment, some place where there are enough people to make it difficult to find out who wrote what.

  10. Beautiful lake...I so wished that nature like that was closer here in singapore. I mean we are a garden city with plants everywhere thanks for the past planning but I wish I lived by a lake!

  11. love all your pics here! such a whimsical vibe!

  12. Haha, I would totally do that to my family members! If only I had my dad on facebook!

    xxDenysia Yu

  13. I especially adore the first image - it has such a quiet solitude.

  14. I love the entire feel of these photographs! Next time we're coincidentally in the same area, we should collab! <3


  15. These pics are so serene and you look like a siren. :)

    xo Ashley

  16. Amazing photos- hope you didn't get sick after the dip from that algae. I dint know why but I always think algae can move like little animals because it spreads so fast.

  17. Hey, thanks so much for checking out my blog, means a lot :)
    Oh and Bradley cooper is just pure eye candy to me haha.
    Have a great weekend.xx

  18. Love the photos. You really wear that flower hat very well! :)

    Ericka of http://myfashionfelicity.blogspot.com

  19. Beautiful photos! That wreath suits you a lot!

  20. lovely pictures! lakes kinda creeps me tho, lol. makes me think about crimes and stuff like that. That's how paranoid I am sometimes

  21. beautiful setting, and I love that blouse so much. You look gorgeous and serene.
    XX, Elle

  22. PS - I worry our grandchildren might have to live off processed algae...hopefully it won't come to that.

  23. The scene is really breathtaking and mysterious, love it!
    And I feel that it makes a complete contrast to your outfit!

    I love how there is always something interesting to read in your blog! You are hilarious!

    Lots of kisses
    Angelina - http://www.just-angelina.com/

  24. How nice it is to have a lake nearby! It makes such a lovely setting for your photo, the lace, the flowers .. xx

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  26. LMAO your comments are so crazy i love them. goes against the lovely serene pictures. for the family you might have to add extended family to make it more cryptic.

  27. Love this one. You have such an amazing sence of style!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark