January 2, 2014

Chemainus Chemonus

{Photos by Victoria and me; wearing Sheinside cardigan, Emu boots, Mavi jeans, FrAsh necklace}

Yesterday my sister Victoria and I drove to Chemainus. Chemainus is a small town 45 minutes north of Victoria, BC. Most times people completely miss the existence of Chemainus when they drive up island. Over the years I have developed a strange attraction to small towns, so Chemainus made a perfect day trip.

There isn't much in Chemainus other than murals. There are murals for everything and on almost all buildings- from a guy riding a wagon, to boats docking, to Canada Post propaganda, to a Chinese boy running his dad's store. Name a none-eventful thing you did today and Chemainus most likely will have a mural for it.

There are footstep trails painted on the sidewalk for a tour of murals. And incase you miss murals the size of an entire wall, there are also footprints that marks "LOOK" on the cement for you to stand and view the murals. Chemainus is serious about their murals.

Though, I personally think murals are just graffiti that your grandma would approve.

"Can we go to downtown Chemainus now?" Victoria asked.
"Uhm, we ARE in downtown Chemainus" I awkwardly responded.
"Okay then. Well... That's that."

So we went to the local beach, awed at how clear the ocean water was, poked at a headless dead bird lying in the water, and eventually drove back to Victoria.


  1. The paintings are nice! Love the cardigan your wearing. :)

    Ericka of http://myfashionfelicity.blogspot.com

  2. Those murals are incredible! I can see why they are serious about them, ha. I also love those beautiful shells with the purple inside, I haven't ever seen any like that on my coastline, for sure.

  3. Oh that seems absolutely quaint! The murals and coastline seem so lovely. Relaxing and beautiful. I also love your sweater.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  4. Small towns and small attractions are great because
    less tourists c: The sea side is lovely and I also love
    the wall paintings! Xx

  5. I'm a fan of small towns too. They make me feel nostalgic for some reason. A fellow with my name used to paint murals. It's always fun to stumble across one and then take credit for it by showing my companions the signature. :)

    PS - Be careful around those meat markets!!!

  6. I really like all the paintings and your cardigan is great!

  7. Wonderful photos beauty ! I want your cardigan, your style is perfect.

    Happy New Year 2014, wish you a lot of happiness, love and success :)

  8. I love your outfit! The murals in Chemainus reminds me a little of Newtown in Sydney, AU, however, there's been a hipster epidemic.

  9. Such interesting place. Love the painted walls and your cardigan too. I like the first picture :)

  10. Looks like a lovely trip. I would like to go there too! You and the pics look lovely!

  11. Hey it's such a beautiful town and the murals are really interesting especially the one with that lady staring at the sea. Looked like you drew from her for this outfit!
    Fang Ting

  12. Thank you for visiting our town. The shot of you in the street was taken right in front of our store, The Pottery Store, which we had to close on Dec 31. I was probably inside doing some cleaning up when you took the shot. The number of visitors to Chemainus has dropped rather dramatically in the last few years, so I thank you for dropping by.

    The mural of the "lady staring at the sea" is called "Arrival of the 'Reindeer' in Horseshoe Bay". I am personally fond of that one myself and I put it on the back of the Chemainus $5 bill because of that nice blue colour.

  13. I haven't visited Chemainus before, but it looks like a neat town to spend the afternoon in next time I take a trip to Victoria. The murals sort of remind me of my visit to Dawson Creek a few years ago, which has the same sort of small-town feel that I love. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! :)

  14. Haha, small town huh? They can have their charm though! And grandma-approved graffiti...hehe, perfectly describes murals!
    I love your tribal print cardigan by the way!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. Small towns can be really fun to visit, especially little hidden gems like this. Happy new year. Gorgeous cardigan. x/Madison

  16. Love the jacket! And the town look super nice... although i think i could just be there for a weekend... hahaha!



  17. Pretty pictures (I love the foggy hazy atmosphere) and love your sweater. Cheers!

  18. I love this!! Have a Happy New Year love!

  19. wooooow!!!!! amazin cardigan!!! ur lookin so stylish!!! xx))