January 3, 2014

Hatley Castle

{Photos by my dad and me; wearing American Eagle pants, thrifted coat, Club Monaco sweater}

I've lived a 20 minute drive from Hatley castle all of my life in Victoria and never was I interested. I went the odd times when I was in charge of taking Japanese exchange students staying in our house around. I would bring them here, and I waited by the ocean where I skipped rocks and harassed seagulls, and when they got tired, I drove them back home. Hosting exchange students is a lot like taking your pet dog for a walk- you take them somewhere, let them to run around, and as long as they're in eyesight range, happy, and safe, you're doing a-okay.

Occasionally the exchange students would ask me historical questions, in which I would read off the guide book and they responded with furious nods like they finally understood a really hard math question, I would then feel like the best tour guide ever.

Eventually Hollywood decided to make this castle Professor Xavier's house in X-Men movies. Omg. Now it's just too cool. Because here I am standing on the property of the X-Men Academy. Eeeeeee okay bye.


  1. Uhm x men or not that castle is beautiful! So whimsical! I am like dying to visit!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  2. As a former exchange student, I can say that that pretty much sums it up, ha.

    A beautiful spot though, and pretty perfect for blog photos. Or x-men training, your choice. ha

  3. It's pretty awesome! X-men or not.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  4. I love love you outfit and the background of the castle looks incredible

    Jess x

  5. Lol this is really Xavier's home? Could have sworn its something
    from Harry Potters town haha.. anyway it's a lovely piece of
    building c: Tho I think it would look like a horror house by
    night :P Xx

  6. I am stunned with this post, as a die hard xmen fan this is the most amazing post I have seen today.

  7. The peacock must've been one of Prof Xavier's last remaining/most de-evolved mutant. bahaha on your foreign exchange student metaphor! Still on the topic of hipsters, not sure if you've seen this - http://lolfunnymeme.com/wp-content/uploads/hipster.jpg

  8. When I visited BC for the first time my uncle took me there... I actually have a picture of my on the same staircase :) You look amazing and I love reading you short stories :)

  9. The building looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing Julie! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  10. Such gorgeous photos! That castle looks absolutely beautiful.

  11. What a fabulous place to take pictures! And how awesome that it's professor Xavier's :-)

  12. Loving all the photos!! and your mix matching the outfit, love it :)


  13. The castle is very interesting indeed! I wish we have castles in the Philippines haha! No wonder why I really looked closely at the photos, they were at that X-Men movie! So cool! :)

    Ericka of http://myfashionfelicity.blogspot.com

  14. Hahaha, much like a puppy huh? That's hilarious! At least they're easy to please :)
    Oh wow, and that is so awesome that you're on X-Men Property! :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. gorgeous castle and lovely outfit hun <3

  16. OMG! That Castle is amazing!! It's like in a film!



  17. Seriously gorgeous castle. When I was a little girl, I wanted to live in a castle. Not as a princess or anything, but just because castles were awesome and I could swordfight my way through the halls and stairwells. I love the coat you're wearing btw! x

  18. Isn't that cool when a place you live so close to becomes interesting.... :) The castle is really great... I wouldn't want to heat one though :)

  19. I knew I recognized that place! I'm a sucker for comic book characters and for castles. Perfect, now your making me jealous you are there.

    How is everything going I haven't popped over in a while!
    <3 Carolyn

  20. Great post and whole blog! :D

    Comment, follow (I'll follow back) and like my photography blog

  21. That's a great castle! Playing tour guide to virtual strangers is too much like a chore...much more fun with people we like.

  22. woah love the shots. the castle looks majestic, just a little creepy though. LOL
    Happy New Year!

  23. What an amazing setting- I thought I recognised it as the one in x men :)
    Awesome jacket love the fur lining

  24. Ohh wow, such beautiful photographs! Thank you for sharing <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  25. That castle is so beautiful! If I lived near something like that I would be photographing there every time I got the chance :) ♥

  26. Beautiful backdrop!

    It was great seeing you yesterday. Hope you had a good ferry ride back and enjoyed Steveston!

  27. Wow, the view is amazing.. Those are sick shots. Enjoy!

    Laydiana ♥ OVERLAVISH.NET

  28. You are beautiful! And your hair is so fiery, I love it! Much love x


  29. How beautiful!! And that shot of the peacock is fabulous. :)

  30. This place look majestic! And you look amaze! Your hair is fab too!~~~

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