January 3, 2014

Hatley Castle

{Photos by my dad and me; wearing American Eagle pants, thrifted coat, Club Monaco sweater}

I've lived a 20 minute drive from Hatley castle all of my life in Victoria and never was I interested. I went the odd times when I was in charge of taking Japanese exchange students staying in our house around. I would bring them here, and I waited by the ocean where I skipped rocks and harassed seagulls, and when they got tired, I drove them back home. Hosting exchange students is a lot like taking your pet dog for a walk- you take them somewhere, let them to run around, and as long as they're in eyesight range, happy, and safe, you're doing a-okay.

Occasionally the exchange students would ask me historical questions, in which I would read off the guide book and they responded with furious nods like they finally understood a really hard math question, I would then feel like the best tour guide ever.

Eventually Hollywood decided to make this castle Professor Xavier's house in X-Men movies. Omg. Now it's just too cool. Because here I am standing on the property of the X-Men Academy. Eeeeeee okay bye.