January 28, 2014

Salmon Run

{Photos by Victoria and me; wearing Emu boots, Mavi jeans, Aritzia plaid shirt, FrAsh necklace}

Salmon Run at Goldstream Park. Every fall salmon would swim from the ocean to this river to breed. It's an amazing sight. The river would be covered with salmon (and you can barely see the rocks) and there would be seagulls, mother grizzly, and baby grizzlies hunting on the side.

It's one of the most touching things I've seen. The salmon can continue to live in the ocean and eat and happily die of an old age, but they choose to swim for hundreds of miles, jumping up river rocks after rocks until they are badly bruised, on the verge of death and exhaustion to lay the eggs, and then they die. And people would illegally catch these fish at Goldstream after what they have been through!! Gawd I wish bad karma on those people.

In these photos the salmon run already ended but some of the dead corpses are still there. You can see the seagulls picking away at them. The entire river smelled like rotting fish but it was still worth seeing.