January 9, 2014

Vancouver Photo Diary

{Photos by Alfred and me}

While catching the ferry to Vancouver Alfred and I decided to hang out in the ferry cafe. The cafe was packed but we found a empty table. There was an Asian family sitting across from us. The father looked like an ordinary man. The mother had messy hair, was wearing sweat pants, sneakers and carried a $2000 Louis Vuitton bag. That's one thing I never understood- is the bag a statement from rich people to look homeless because they're too rich to care? Or is it that they spent all their money on the bag that they look homeless?

Both parents were focusing on their phone. Their daughter was maybe 8 years old, in pig tails eating a baked good. I checked the text messages on my phone for a few minutes, then glanced back at the family. The daughter had finished eating and she was flossing her teeth in the middle of the cafe.

"Alfred! Alfred! That girl is flossing her TEETH in a PUBLIC RESTAURANT!" I whispered to Alfred.

I starred at the girl's parents, waiting to see their reaction, any reaction. But the parents continued to on their phones like nothing happened.

"Alfred!  I'm going to pretend to take a picture of you but actually take a picture of that girl flossing!"

I've been all over Asia where I've seen human feces in pool's public shower, where people use gutter water to wash dishes, where people cough up flam the size of a penny in public because "we think it's best to get it out." explained by my tour guide, where people are so desensitized they eat their lunch a foot away from where they butcher animals, in plain sight. So they could eat while looking at dead corpses and think "Hmm, that chicken missing its head looks plump and appetizing. I'll mark that to sell for $400 NT".

I guess seeing the girl floss in public brought me back to my trips to China and Taiwan, where I learned that we can have things come out of every hole and creases that we have, no matter how much money we have or where we live, from a penthouse on Robson Street downtown Vancouver, to a ghetto shack in Surrey. The server who served you food might have went to the bathroom and didn't wash their hands before bringing you the food, the cab driver who gave you change probably sneezed into his hands prior, but you just take it without thinking twice.

I still have that picture of the girl flossing on my phone, along with my other not-as-intriguing Vancouver pictures. Perhaps I'll instagram it to make it look artistic and socially acceptable here in Canada. Or perhaps this will be my next conversation piece at work, where amongst the midst of an awkward silence at lunch, I will pull out my phone and show them a picture of the time I once saw a girl openly flossing her teeth in a cafe, followed by this one time I ate duck tongue in a shady alley in China followed by a sea turtle for dessert.

"Ew. You're eating that?" My sister said.

"I am already 'gross' eating the duck tongue. So why not add a turtle too?" I asked.

Overall it was a nice trip to Vancouver visiting friends (hi Lisa!), and hanging out at Steveston, West End, False Creek, Gas Town, and Capilano Suspension Bridge in which I realized I have vertigo so I quickly walked through most of it without looking down. Perhaps that's why I look so pale in the 8th picture above.

Alas, thanks for the great trip and hanging out, I'm lucky to have been in such great company!


  1. wow ur sooo pretty, love ur beanie
    have a lovely day honey


  2. interesting. I once saw a guy at a stoplight picking his nose AND looking/texting on his iphone at the same time. Tried to take a picture, but I was too late.

  3. It's really unbelievable what some people do in public...

    I am glad you had a good trip... BC is a province I want to visit♡♥♡

  4. Great post dear, your trip was awesome !

  5. Loved your pictures and your post. We're hoping to visit Canada this summer for our anniversary trip.

  6. Such lovely photos! You are gorgeous.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  7. what great pictures! i laughed a little reading about the woman with the LV bag....i don't get it!

  8. adorable picz from ur trip)))) xx)))))

  9. I guess I need to buy a low cut converse chucks. Mine is the high-cut version and I find it hard to pair with skinnies. haha!

    By the way, even the rich (or they feel that they are rich though they aren't) sometimes doesn't have manners. Here in Asia, there are also those people who can tolerate eating even in some distasteful areas or places. And it almost seems like normal here in developing countries like Philippines and other Asian countries.

    Ericka of http://myfashionfelicity.blogspot.com

    PS: What is your instagram account? I want to follow you there! :D

  10. Lovely pictures! And I love the orange hat :)



  11. Your blog is lovely! I really enjoyed reading through your post, and I love your photos [:
    Keep up the good work girllyyy!
    Would you like to follow each other?? Let me know [:!


  12. Beautiful pictures, it is interesting what people think is normal. For me flossing is definitely a bathroom only activity :)

  13. It was so great to see you! Love the way your photos turned out.

  14. I like your style! Effortlessly chic.. and your photos are awesome :)

    Show and Pastell

  15. So beautiful ! Seems like an amazing trip!

    XO Imke

    -PS: I'm hosting an international givaway right now; you can win 5 lovely Rosewholesale items picked by me! It would be so lovely if you'd participate!

  16. Lovely photos of Vancouver! And if you think flossing teeth in public is gross, I watched a lady shamelessly clip her nails on the skytrain once.

  17. Where are you located in Canada? I think I might go visit this year.

    xxDenysia Yu

  18. Great photos and and everything looks amazing... if I were go to Ottawa or even BC I hope to bump into you!! And if you ever come to Toronto definitely let me know :)
    My Lyfe ; My Story
    @MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

  19. Hahah.... If it's a tactic, I can only imagine this : homeless looking + LV bag = questionable bag authenticity ==> lower likelihood of theft?!

    When I went to China as a wee lass I would always tug on my mum's arm to catch her attention when I see anyone doing anything that surpassed the social etiquette I learned from school. Nowdays, being the unobservant person that I am, I need to go right up to the hobo facing the wall.

  20. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures--and not the girl flossing. Although I bet it will be a good discussion piece at work. :)

  21. Vancouver looks like fun, but that bridge looks very scary!

  22. I actually was in Vancouver for a few days during my winter break and it's a great city. The woman with the LV bag is such a typical sight in Hong Kong. All these newly rich people buy themselves these unbelievably expensive bags but they don't really dress well.. I don't know. I guess it's the new thing haha

  23. This post brings back memories of when I used to live in Taiwan, and it was so typical to see people flossing or picking their teeth at the dinner table.

  24. HAHA loved this post! And awesome that you were here! Vancouver is not known for our fashion sense so there are a lot of things you see and question haha Hilarious how you mention a ghetto shack in Surrey though.. I take no offence to that xD I'd say the same lol I just came back from Vietnam so I def know what you are talking about. It's amazingly different there.

  25. I always love your writing, and so does your effortless style

  26. Ever since I came to London, I stopped noticing other people in the same way like I did before. I stopped analysing them and stopped being judgemental. There are so many different cultures here, that you simply have to ignore them or you will live in amazement all the time… Have a lovely weekend!

  27. Vancouver looks beautiful. He ha ha you should introduce yourself to nee people with the flossing photo and turtle story ;) unfortunately I work in healthcare so nothing disgusts me any more

  28. Happy New Year!

    Your pictures from your time in Vancouver are awesome, I'm glad you had a good time!

  29. Your photos are amazing! I would love to visit Canada one day because all the forests and lakes look lovely.

    I've wondered about that designer purse/sweat suit combo too. Is it a way of telling people that they're rich even though they're dressed horribly or is it because they're poor and can't afford a nice outfit to go with the extravagant purse?

  30. Canada is so serene and beautiful! And I love that orange bit in the outfit!

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