February 17, 2014

Family Day

Family Day. Something that is a holiday in Ontario and isn't until recently that it became a holiday in British Columbia as well. When I was explaining to my friend from Bangladesh that today was family day, he asked "What is a family day?"

It would seem obvious in the name itself. He should have gather the name of a day to be associated with family and a holiday, but no. "I mean, " he said. "What is the point of family day?"

So there comes the PhD Julie. "It is," I said, "a day where you don't go to work and you spend the day with your family, hence the name, family day."

"But you have no family here, why are you celebrating?" my friend asked.

"... I guess it means I can do whatever I want today."

Then he proceeded asking me what he should do today, because he really wants to emerge himself in the Canadian culture. I told him to just do something manly to make up for the lack of family. "Like snow shoe in Gatineau Park?" he asked. I said no, more like shoveling the snow from my driveway and washing my car. He didn't like that idea, so I told him to bench press random objects that stand in his way and take selfies with a tight tank and a baseball cap on backwards.

And then the waiter couldn't help but pitch in: "look, just go inpregnant as many woman on family day as possible. Isn't that the point of manhood anyway?"

Being into female empowerment I should have said something, but all I could picture was the time at a local fair in Victoria, BC where a male hamster chewed through his cage wall in the middle of the night and inpregnanted all 20 female hamsters next door. The fair keeper found the male hamster curled up in a ball, sleeping and exhausted in the morning.

Sometimes the sins you haven't committed are all that's left for you to define yourself. Happy Family Day.


  1. Happy Family Day... to be frank with you, I am really we have this day off during the month of February!! During the busy cold month, it great to have some time off especially since it's a day I actually get to spend time with my parents and siblings. This year I am watching the olympics and rooting for #Canada to win more gold!! Anyways happy family day to you too and have a wonerful week!!

    My Lyfe ; My Story
    @MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

  2. Happy Family Day! It's a nice thing to celebrate. It's another one of those holidays that confuse me a little...one that reminds us to do things we should be doing anyway. But I'm not complaining. I love these holidays (please government keep reminding me to be thankful)!!!

    It's President's Day in the US--to honor Washington and Lincoln.

  3. Amazing Amazing Amazing! A great post as usual!


  4. We are supposedly getting Family day next year in Nova Scotia... for the time being where I work they give us a floater day to take when we want... so that is awesome... it is just nice to have a day off... especially when it make a long weekend :)

  5. Funny point of view! :) We don't celebrate family day, but for us Christmas is kind of a family day. That kitten in the picture is adorable!

  6. This is the first time I've heard of Family Day, I had someone telling me about Tweed Day and International tatting day a while ago. The hamster who impregnated 20 females reminds me of ducks... only ducks are rapists, I need to research more on hamsters now.

  7. I don't get these types of holidays. We have random holidays over here as well. Like Columbus day. Ummm... Didn't anyone tell the USA that Columbus wasn't the first person to discover North America?

    xxDenysia Yu

  8. Family day......hmm, similar to Children's Day in Japan, I presume? Where adults get to pretend they're kids? LOL. J/K. Enjoy your day off :)

  9. Haha Happy Family Day indeed....poor little female hamsters

  10. Have a happy day dear :) Lovely post !

  11. He's got a point tho. I guess he wants to spend the day with someone. lol @ the waiter :p Have fun!