February 5, 2014

ROC The Cold Weather

Winter in Ottawa feels like being in a room of a giant dehydrator. It keep my skin, mouth, throat and eyes the same moisture level as the a crusty dandruff. Kind of gross. Eventually when my blinks became as audible to my cubicle neighbor sipping hot tea, I decided I should do something about it.

So alas comes to me obtaining these two items for the -15 C (5 F) weather: the ROC Complete Lift Anti Dark Circle Lifting Eye Cream, and the ENYDRIAL Moisturizing Face Cream, along with my current ROC toner that I am using. The face cream really hold up against this cold dry weather. My skin feels moisturized even with the wind chill. The dark circle lifting eye cream also act as a moisturizer, as my skin tends to be dry around my eyes.

I have to say that I can now to go bed without worrying that I'd waking up to looking like Alf's busted creepy stepsister.