March 4, 2014


I’m finally caught up to the third season of Girls. I love that show.

The show is not for everyone. The general description is that it's a ghetto and raunchy Sex and the City. And in some ways, yes. The girls don't go to glamorous parties, wear designer clothes, go on fabulous dates with random rich men, because that's not the point. It takes a specific sense of humor from a specific sense of era to comprehend this TV series.

In the very first episode of season 1 the main character, Hannah, bitches and moans about her parents cutting her off while she tries to become "the voice of her generation" writer in New York. Marnie hates her clingy boyfriend and commented that when Charlie touches her it feels like "a weird uncle". In the grand scheme of things, these seem very insignificant, very #firstworldproblems, compare to say Game of Thrones where countries are fighting over the iron throne, or Walking Dead where anyone can get bitten and die anytime. But it's the small stuff in Girls that win me over. The day to day bullshit that us 20 somethings have to go through: paying rent, chasing dreams, falling in and out of love, and the struggle of meeting society's expectations on what we ought to accomplish at a specific age frame.

Aside from the daily trials and tribulations, I find it hilarious how accurately these stereotypical characters are portrayed. I have known crazy and naive girls exactly like Shoshana, and I have dated guys like Adam in Season 1, who cared very little of my existence, and like Charlie, the smothering love.

I grew up in the 90's. The show gives me the comfort that I'm not the only one who still don't have life figured out past graduating from University. Though I have a full time job, I still have no idea 'where I see myself in 10 years' or 'when I will get married'. People have been telling me that I will eventually figure it out for years now but I am still unsure of a lot of things. I connect with the show because I feel that the characters go through what I'm going through: the realization that nothing is forever, your parents won't always be there, some things are just out of your control, and friendships fall apart whether you like it or not.

Life isn’t like Sex and The City. Friendship isn’t like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And love isn’t like The Notebook. I like Girls the same reason why people like cheezy love songs: "If you're going through difficult times, it's hilarious how you turn on the radio and even the most cliché things perfectly capture how you're feeling. And then you realize why people wrote those songs" - Lisa Loeb