March 29, 2014

Skin for Spring

There are hypothetical situations that I always wonder, such as, if a serial killer enters my house where would I hide, if I was stuck in the woods with a piece of rock on top of my leg would I cut it off if that was my only hope to survive, and what would I look like if I only use drug store skincare instead of spending hundreds?

First two I have figured out. If a serial killer enters my house I'll probably be dead regardless. And I would rather die than cut off my own leg as a DIY project. But the third one still has me pondering. The skincare industry has profited 29.5 billion US dollars last year and most of us spend hundreds of dollars on moisturizers and eye cream and serum for this and that. Does it actually work?

What would I look like now if I was only to use cheap drugstore brands? and What would I look like 50 years from now? Would that look be any different than me spending $75 on Shiseido facial moisturizer versus $20 Neutrogena moisturizer?

My dad suggested that I apply half my face with the expensive stuff and half my face with the cheap stuff as a lifetime experiment, but I don't really want to look like Two-Face in Batman. So I guess I'll live with continuously buying high end skincare for as long as I can afford it.

So above are some stuff I picked up recently. The new Shiseido Ibuki line, made for 20 somethings that doesn't get enough sleep and eat like shit because life gets in the way. Is it effective? I don't know. The LancĂ´me daily moisturizer feels great for my combination skin plus the SPF is always a plus. Is it effective? I don't know. The Skyn line is something new I'm trying. I bought the dark spot eliminating moisturizer and the pore minimizer serum. Skyn is made of glacier water and it's all natural and paraben-free. Is it effective? I don't know. Maybe? But I did just replaced the light bulb in my room to make everything look brighter so I don't know.

The results might be inconclusive, But, at least when I'm old and wrinkly, I will know that I tried with what the media tells me ought to work. And there's nothing more I can do other than eat cake and bitch about my arthritis. On that note, I'm going to eat some cupcakes now.