May 23, 2014

Cuban Cigars 101

My shopping haul from Cuba included cigars and two 1L of Havana Club which was $7.90 per bottle. The price of booze there is ridiculously cheap. I feel so ripped off buying alcohol in Canada now. One of the nights when our hotel room had no running water we were using rum to clean our table. #Baller. Apparently lack of running water is common in Cuba even in the resort area.

I bought a few types of cigars. Cohiba, which is rated one of the top and high-end cigar that Fidel Castro smokes himself. Romeo and Juliet, which is another one of the more higher-end ones. Trinidad, one of the local medium-end cigars. And a few $1 cigars from a local tobacco farmer.

Since I don't smoke I can't distinguish a big difference between the Cohiba and the $1 cigar. The Cohiba taste stronger while the $1 cigar leave a more bitter and dry aftertaste. Is one better than the other? I think it's personal preference. Anyway, I don't plan on becoming a cigar connoisseur- I've spent too much on facial cream and vitamins to age on smoking now.