May 8, 2014


 {Photos by Zach; wearing J Crew chambray blouse, Chanel bag, American Eagle skirt, Urban Outfitters belt}

I've been sleeping a lot lately. Not sure if it's due to the weather change or that I'm active in going to the gym again. Whatever it is, it's making me sleep at 10pm. I feel like my grandma, and it's cutting into my Netflix time.

An acquaintance has been rubbing me the wrong way. He always try to give advises in things he has no business in. He talks down to me. He is aloof. He views the glass as always half empty. He has a temper that he can't control and he takes it out on others.

He realized that I wanted to cut ties with him so he wanted to meet, and chat about his perspectives. But I have no interest in him or his perspectives. I know that a lot of things he has done/is doing is unintentional, because he's socially unaware. But it's not like he genuinely apologized nor is he is trying to be more sensitive. So I'm done with it.

It amazes me that people like him can program complicated algorithms yet cannot grasp basic social protocols.