May 20, 2014

Lac Philippe

Over the weekend we went for a BBQ at Lac Philippe. It was beautiful but the water was so cold. Afterwards we went for a hike that was supposedly 20 minutes one way but turned into 3 hours. Thankfully we made it back just when the sun was about to set.

On the way of our hike we saw camp grounds with polished benches and paved roads with RVs parked right beside- talk about lazy camping. But it's not like I want to go 'real' camping with a tent in wilderness either.

"I don't do camping." I said, after a friend asked me to go camping this summer.
"Sleeping on the ground with a piece of plastic over your head? Back where I grew up that's called ' homeless'."
"But you get to be with nature!"
"I have a comfortable house with a bed I pay my mortgage to sleep in thank you."

File 'camping' that under #ThingsImmigrantsWillNeverUnderstand.