May 13, 2014

Wrong Kingston

when security wasn't watching...
{Photos by Dinesh and me; Special thanks to Dinesh for photos!}

"So parts in Assassin's Creed looks like Montreal since the game was partially developed there" Pranav said, "And another part was based from Kingston, which now I want to visit because it looks cool!".

That resulted in a road trip to Kingston, Ontario for a day. We got up at 8am, drove 2 hours to a city that is known for its prison and University. One of the guys wanted to go because of Assassin's Creed, and I wanted to go because I'll take any excuse to get out of Ottawa.

Although I really should have gotten the hint from Tripadvisor that there isn't much in Kingston when its number one rated attraction is its University campus.

Kingston feels like a smaller Ottawa. We checked out the locks on the Canal, City Hall, Queens (which looked like every other Ontario university), Correctional Services of Canada Museum (the prison museum)- because people aren't allowed to go into the actual prison. Infact, even if you murder someone you can't go into that prison, because it is officially closed.

But you could go to the prison museum. The prison museum was just a big house across from the prison. It's small that spending an hour there is plenty. It also has the saddest gift shop- one glass display booth with "Correctional Services of Canada" T-Shirts and badges that looked like it was designed by a highschool student in the 80's. Though I thought the torture chamber and a range of weapons the inmates made out of garbage was interesting because I'm a twisted individual like that.

Then there was Fort Henry. There was one person working the ticket booth and one security guard for the entire place. "wow, only $5 to get in!?" I said, thinking what a great deal that was. That thought quickly left when I walked into the tiny fort, the size of an elementary school outdoor field. No one else was there except us. The rooms echoed. The furniture and displays were all dusty. The mattresses of the soldier's bunks and their jackets had all sorts of stains. There were puddles of water in the courtyard where the flies were breeding like crazy. I must have swallowed at least a dozen.

All in all we checked out every attraction in Kingston in less than 6 hours. At 3pm, we decided to cut our loses and drove back to Ottawa.

"Yeah, Kingston looked nothing like Kingston in Assassin's Creed... Hey AJ, did you know that Kingston is in Assassin's Creed?" Pranav said.
"Are you sure they aren't referring to Kingston Jamaica?" AJ asked.

Then it made sense. No wonder the Kingston in Assassin's Creed looks so lively, so green, so colorful, so fun. Because that is Kingston Jamaica. Meanwhile we wasted an entire day in Kingston Ontario.

Kingston Ontario. That darn Kingston Ontario.


  1. Kingston sounds like a small interesting town :o
    this prison museum is something I'd love to visit c:
    Again, lovely pictures Poppy ^_^ Xx

  2. hahahahaha Kingston Jamaica O_O oh, gosh. my laughter. and the irony. Wow. at least you got out of Ottawa :)

  3. it sounds a great trip!!! <3333
    you look very cute!!!!!!

    xoxo from Spain sweety :*

  4. How cool awesome pictures and the food looks delicious.

  5. This looks so cool, love it. I want one of these jackets, haha :) xx

  6. Nice pictures!! I love them :)

  7. Some great pictures... I have heard Kingston Ontario is a pretty boring place... now I know for sure :-)

    Have a really great day ♡

  8. What an interesting place, it looks pretty incredible. I love your photos, especially the one with all of you in redcoats!
    Italian Soles and Fashion Tales

  9. whoaa.....really? i dont know that assassin's creed was based in kingston. that place is so beautiful, no wonder it was used as background in that game

    that bread looks tasty//yummy :3

    hopefully i got the chance to travel there soon

  10. Ha! That's where my fiance lives. :))

  11. Very lovely! Have a great day. :)

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  12. Thanks for sharing, Looks like a very nice and interesting place to visit. And you guys had tons of fun.


  13. Aw sis ahahahaha! I was chuckling the whole time I was reading your blogpost.. so creative way on criticizing the place ahaha!

    Anyway, you still look happy on the pictures!! Thank goodness you're with your friends right? :DD

  14. Haha! Great story. I was thinking all along, "Why would a video game feature Kingston, Ontario?" Well, at least a funny memory was born from your trip. :)

  15. You taken such a beautiful photos here, beautifully photographed! ox

  16. Cool post! Looking lovely :)

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  17. LOL! I've never heard of this particular Kingston. PS. I love your bag. What is it?

    7% Solution

  18. the pictures are amazing!! This was so funny :D

  19. I like the canal and the fort...and the girl in the leather jacket seems pretty cool.
    You should offer to take P to London. :)

  20. I love the photo of you all in the red jackets - you look like a band of some kind! Oh and of course the pastries look de-lic-ious!!


  21. Lol Kingston Jamaica and this one looks great too. Beautiful photos :)

  22. Looks like you had a great time in Kingston! Great photos! :)

    Ericka of

  23. amazing and coool pictures!! lovely post!

  24. You look lovely and this is a nice post!!

  25. HAHA oh no, you got the wrong Kingston!! I think I'd definitely be hesitant to go if their main attraction is the campus, but ah well, at least you had a road trip day with your friends.

    xo marlen
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  26. Love that brown leather jacket! Always a great way to instantly make an outfit look super amazing:)
    xo Olivia

  27. All the picture are lovely.. you look as sweet as honey :)

  28. It seems a lovely city!! hope you had fun there!! the pics are so nice!! kisses!!

  29. Great trip and amazing pics!!!
    Happy friday honey!!!

  30. Fabulous place ! I want this red jacket and I love your cool outfit.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  31. Oh, obviously this was an interesting and so funny trip ;) So sorry that the weather wasn't not so nice ...

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  32. You look fabulous!! Nice pictures! :)

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  33. Amazing post, lovely pics. You look so pretty;)

  34. great pictures the few glimpse of small town..!!
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