June 5, 2014

T Dot in May

Poutine with butter, soy sauce, cheese, green onions and seaweed. It was surprisingly good.

Photos from visiting Toronto last weekend. The weather was amazing and I had a great time catching up with friends, shopping, catching a Blue Jays game and eating. If there is one thing I love about Toronto is their selection of restaurants and how decent priced it is compare to Ottawa- $7 for a pad thai downtown Toronto? You can't even find a $10 pad thai in Ottawa. "Well, there's more people in Toronto, it's supply and demand" so I've heard. But on the other hand I'm sure rent is way more in Toronto. It honestly doesn't make sense to me why restaurants in Ottawa are so over priced.

My teenage dream also came true in Toronto when I went to watch "The Lion King" Broadway show. It was nostalgic and magical, as well very neat seeing how they translate a cartoon into a live show with actors. I was in la-la land for the walk back to the hotel afterwards. The show was everything I could have asked for.

"Are you going to buy a Simba plush?"
"No, they're $20 each. I'll just take a picture and 'aww' about the plush that way."

That's the difference between going to a Broadway show when you are 6 years old and going to a Broadway show as an adult.