June 5, 2014

T Dot in May

Poutine with butter, soy sauce, cheese, green onions and seaweed. It was surprisingly good.

Photos from visiting Toronto last weekend. The weather was amazing and I had a great time catching up with friends, shopping, catching a Blue Jays game and eating. If there is one thing I love about Toronto is their selection of restaurants and how decent priced it is compare to Ottawa- $7 for a pad thai downtown Toronto? You can't even find a $10 pad thai in Ottawa. "Well, there's more people in Toronto, it's supply and demand" so I've heard. But on the other hand I'm sure rent is way more in Toronto. It honestly doesn't make sense to me why restaurants in Ottawa are so over priced.

My teenage dream also came true in Toronto when I went to watch "The Lion King" Broadway show. It was nostalgic and magical, as well very neat seeing how they translate a cartoon into a live show with actors. I was in la-la land for the walk back to the hotel afterwards. The show was everything I could have asked for.

"Are you going to buy a Simba plush?"
"No, they're $20 each. I'll just take a picture and 'aww' about the plush that way."

That's the difference between going to a Broadway show when you are 6 years old and going to a Broadway show as an adult.


  1. What an awesome trip! I love these pictures and you look great in all of your outfits! :)


  2. I once heard stuff was overpriced in Ottawa because there are so many well paid government employees. I found even housing was expensive when I was there! Who takes all of the pictures of you btw? I always wondered. Do you have a photograph? Lol. They're all so good!

    Love, Julie
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  3. OMG so amazing recap babe.
    Love your pics and adorbale trip
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Someday I'll go to TO for fun and not just a blogging thing lol.

  5. Sounds like a nice citytrip, Toronto must be really
    nice place to visit ^__^ I really love the first picture,
    nice dress! And you know Sabrina! c:
    We are also 'awwing' at the stuffed Simba's :') Xx

  6. Aw, great travel post!! Love the sunny pictures.


  7. I was in Toronto for training for the job I currently hold... I fell in love with it, I was only a block from Young Street and not far from the Bloor station for the subway... I had so much fun when I roamed the streets in the evenings, buying items cheaper than at home in Halifax, I know what you mean about the prices. I wanted to go to a Broadway show but no one wanted to go with me, I didn't want to go alone... I would go back in a heartbeat if I had the chance, there is a lot of places to see and things to do :)

  8. Yeah, Toronto is amazing! These are wonderful photos too! That photo of you with the Tweeting book is too funny.
    /Madison :)

  9. Lol, I bought a Duffy bear on the Disney cruise that I went on 2 years ago.

    xxDenysia Yu

  10. looks like you had fun. I lol'd at that book. stop tweeting boring.....hahahaaa....twitter in general is kinda like that, isn't it. but I like it. Oh well :P

    love your pink dress.

  11. Looks like a lot of fun. Ha ha I like that picture with the tweeting, it is priceless. Must be an awesome place to visit.


  12. Toronto looks beautiful! I really want to try poutine one day. I've always wondered how if Americans like cheese fries and they like gravy fries, why don't we sell poutine?

  13. That first picture is absolutely killer. I love the wind picking up your dress and the background. But ohmygosh I love Toronto! For quite some time, I wanted to live there and still love the occasional visit. Ottawa is great too-that's where my family lives. I'm glad you had an amazing time:)
    xo Olivia

  14. Beautiful photos! I was, like, 3 years old the last time I visited Toronto, but I'll be heading there to visit family at the end of the month. I'll have to hunt down some of that weirdo butter/cheese/seaweed/soy sauce poutine.
    I saw The Lion King musical in Vancouver a few years ago, and like you, I was transformed into a giddy 7 year-old through the duration of the show. I also skipped the souvenirs and just snapped a photo with a poster or banner outside, haha.

  15. Great photos! Looks like you had fun in Toronto! :D

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  16. wow!!!! really cool post!!!! xoxo))))

  17. Aaaaaa....who's the rugged cutie in the red check shirt staring dreamily at you? *in love with J*

  18. Cool photos, lovely post. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Much appreciated.

  19. This looks like you had so much fun! I love the photos!

  20. Dear, your journey most be wonderful! So lot wonderful photos! You are also so cute!!
    Best wishes from Croatia

  21. Hanging out with you looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad the show was everything you'd hoped it would be. How often does that happen???
    I love how the handled the Simba issue. A picture is just as good a keepsake...and in addition to being free, it will last longer. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  22. The lion king was one of my favourite childhood movies, my grandpa took me to watch it 6 times. He eventually scheduled the movie time as his "nap time" where he'd take his pillow and doze off while I sit there ventilating every time I see the footage of mufasa being pushed off the cliff.

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  23. The first dress is lovely! Great pictures and thanks for stopping by my blog...X


  24. Wow now I want to visit Toronto too!! Looks so amazing. I shouldn't admit but I probably would have bought the Simba plush although I'm way too old for it :D


  25. Love all your pics. Thanks for sharing!


  26. oh wow, so u watch lion king the musical...i bet it will be more exciting if they use real lion as additional actor :3

  27. This reminds me how much a love to travel ;) awesome photos!!!
    Thank you for stopping by! xoxo


  28. YOUR SHOES, in the last picture!!! I need it in my life!! Where did you get it from love? :)
    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  29. I bet the lion king broadway as an adult would be such a cool experience. I should really do that soon! Toronto looks wonderful here :)

    Best Regards from Sunny Florida :D

  30. Very cool pictures!!


  31. I would have loved to go to see the Lion King, it's my favorite Disney film!!

  32. Great travel ! You are very pretty :)