June 11, 2014

Watermelon Walk

{Photos by Zach; Wearing Jacob shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs & Juicy Couture necklaces, Converse, Ray Bans}

Going for a neighborhood walk while eating watermelon seem like the appropriate thing to do in this weather. And of course busting out the white Converse- I love them because they're white but gawd are they impractical because they're white! But impracticality is what make life great.

When I was doing an internship in Vancouver, a college of mine found out how much I spend on purses. He freaked out and called me materialistic, and proceeded to comment that I should just be using a grocery bag because it carries my belongings the same way. I asked him if I should also be donating all my money and my belongings to the drugged up hobos on Hastings Street so they can become the hobo they've always wanted to be while I slave away in an office. And then I told him that I feel bad for the lucky lady who will be his future wife. Needless to say we didn't keep in touch after our internship was over. Hey, I ain't going to apologize for being materialistic because I use a purse instead of a grocery bag!


  1. Love The pics: they are super nice and you look great eating The watermelon ;)



  2. Haha, that's my thoughts too. IDK if I'd have the balls to say that though, go you!!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  3. Cute outfit


  4. You tell 'em, girl! :) Love the white converse.

  5. Girl, no need to apologize, you work hard, you should buy whatever you like... some people are so darned judgmental . I don't begrudge anyone anything they work for... enjoy

    As far as him not know I was writing about him... ah yea... he knew, I sent him links, he is not stupid... it is his new girlfriend that couldn't hand it all, jealous and insecure... Whatever, it is his loss, I am a loss... He will know that one day...

  6. That´s not being materialistic...what a load of crap...and also people who can´t just mind their own business. Anyway...love the pics!


  7. I'm so glad it's watermelon season!
    I absolutely agree with you; work hard and buy the things you want and deserve! Back when I was working a part-time job on top of a full-time job, sometimes not even seeing a day off for a whole month, friends at the time whined about how "lucky" I was that I was dining at expensive places and buying nice clothes. Well, they shut up after I told them that if they just complained less and worked harder, they too could enjoy the things I enjoyed. I've totally used a grocery bag as a purse before though, hahaha.

  8. You're totally entitled to buy what makes you happy. Seriously, stop being so judgey, people! Your tank top looks so cute; the "marbled" kinda textures are my favorite!

  9. That guy had a lot to learn. I hope he did. It's okay to like pretty things and get them for ourselves. Wherever he is today, there's no way he's better with money or life than you are.

    That cake has pineapple in it and gets a can of sweetened condensed milk poured over it while it's still warm. Then the fresh whipped cream, pineapple and coconut get added after it cools. I'd love to share it with you--half each. :)

  10. I had that kind of guy commented something like that on my limited edition bags binge shopping. To think that it was my own hard earned money that I'm spending, and I let him commented on it, it was too kind of me to take it to heart and got hurt.
    I'll say that it's nobody else's business how much you spend, as long as you're happy :) ... and afford it legally, lol!

  11. HHaha! I'm a huge fan of watermelon...I go months without eating any and then when we get one and cut it up, it's gone in 3 days! Love the weather there and the plants looks so pretty, especially those tulips!

  12. You look lovely, I love this casual outfit, and the photos are nice! Kisses!


  13. It's his problem if you prefer using a purse instead of grocery bags. There are some things that guys never understand. I love your white converse anyway! :) I'm going to buy a white low cut converse soon! :)

    Ericka of http://myfashionfelicity.blogspot.com
    bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/11492583

  14. Watermelon in the sun is unparallelled in my opinion! These are lovely images.

    That guy at your internship sounds like a douche. If people don't buy things there is no economy. Plus your money is yours and you can do whatever you want with it!

    Emma x

  15. The weather looks so nice where you are! It's cold and rainy where I am and it's almost mid June - ridiculous!

    Buying cheap purses doesn't help anyone though because they usually end up completely falling apart after a couple of months, so by buying expensive purses, you're actually not being wasteful and helping the environment but not filling up landfills with hundreds of worn out purses!

  16. These photos are absolutely beautiful :) You look gorgeous! What pretty flowers too xxx

  17. OMG, I totally agree! If someone ever said that to me, I would be like, we're no longer friends. Beautiful pictures, and summer is here yay! :)

    xxDenysia Yu

  18. Haven't been here in awhile! Love the photos and that laid back look :)

    I work, fulltime, for a non profit organization here in the Philippines and I believe I am doing my part. If I want to buy an expensive purse or shoes or whatever I want, it's because I earned it well and fair. No one needs to judge why I buy the things I do.


  19. love the photos <3! having a purse is not materialistic, if someone told me that I would ignore them forever

  20. You look great! Simple, casual, but chic. Loving your ripped jeans!


  21. sweeeet!!!
    do you follow each other?
    let me know!

  22. You look amazing, people can think whatever they want. I don't think that you are materialistic. xoxo

  23. Sometimes guys can just say the most insensitive thing w/o realising it. But I get how annoyed you must have felt coz I would totally feel the same way. I can't eat a watermelon while walking coz the juice would just drip down my forearms. Lovely pictures as always.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  24. Ugh - guys just don't understand. It's not about being materialistic - it's about being allowed to spend your hard-earned money the way want to without judgement. People who say things like that are often times the least generous people anyway.
    On a sartorial note, I so love how casual-chic this outfit is! Those jeans are so cool and you look amazing!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  25. Perfect jeans and I love your top :)

  26. HAH a grocery bag, yeah right. I'm sure he would love lugging that around all day, too. He doesn't understand comfort along with style, I guess. It's not like you judged him for probably how much he spent on laptop, games, large big screen TV. Everyone has something material in their life. He should get over it. P.S this outfit is cute. I like the relaxed look.

  27. No one should judge how you spent your hard earn money. It's up to you to decide on the spending.
    On the fashion note, I think you look good in this outfit. I like your bf jeans =)

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