June 11, 2014

Watermelon Walk

{Photos by Zach; Wearing Jacob shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs & Juicy Couture necklaces, Converse, Ray Bans}

Going for a neighborhood walk while eating watermelon seem like the appropriate thing to do in this weather. And of course busting out the white Converse- I love them because they're white but gawd are they impractical because they're white! But impracticality is what make life great.

When I was doing an internship in Vancouver, a college of mine found out how much I spend on purses. He freaked out and called me materialistic, and proceeded to comment that I should just be using a grocery bag because it carries my belongings the same way. I asked him if I should also be donating all my money and my belongings to the drugged up hobos on Hastings Street so they can become the hobo they've always wanted to be while I slave away in an office. And then I told him that I feel bad for the lucky lady who will be his future wife. Needless to say we didn't keep in touch after our internship was over. Hey, I ain't going to apologize for being materialistic because I use a purse instead of a grocery bag!