July 28, 2014

Photo Diary: A Cottage Weekend

"That's a cottage?!" I said, as Scott pulled the boat on his cottage's deck.
"Well, it's more of a... Summer home."

When I think of cottage I think of a cabin equivalent we have on the west coast. I was never a big fan of cabins because the ones I've stayed in didn't have air condition and the washroom was always dark and damp- if there was even a washroom instead of a communal outhouse. I remember those cabin trips where I would strategically watch my water intake to avoid using the washroom as much as possible. It usually meant sacrificing drinking alcoholic beverages but hey it was worth it for not using a outhouse- and it gave an alternate meaning to "hey, I'm just going to go take a dip in the lake".

But not Scott's cottage- They got wifi, cable TV, hardwood floors, washer and dryer, a sun room, and a kitchen that looks like it came out of the Martha Stewart magazine. It's nicer than my house that the only inconvenient thing I encountered was that my phone charger wasn't long enough for my night stand. #firstworldproblems

I ended up spending the entire weekend at the cottage on Kashwakamak lake and now I am at work with a cottage hangover. The lake, the cigars, the fishing, the smell of pine trees and hanging out on the patio doing absolutely nothing. Yup, I think I am ready for the retired life.