August 15, 2014

Change of Things

{Wearing Aritzia blouse, Club Monaco belt, Birkenstock sandals, Alex & Ani bracelets}

I've been wearing my Birkenstock with everything this summer. They are just so comfortable!

The layout of the site has changed, as you can see. Two years ago when I was getting out of an emotional mess with a guy not even worth his name being mentioned, it was a wake up call that there are more important things in life other than whatever money can buy.

I made a conscious decision of cutting out all the bad influences as well turning this site into more of my voice. I want my blog to not only reflect on my physical appearance but also my mood. Having a voice means losing some folks that might not agree with what I write, and that's fine because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And hey, if someone doesn't like you no matter what you do they still won't like you anyway.

This site has always been about appreciating the little things in life. I have always believe that it's the little things that make up the big things, from someone opening the door for you, to trying something new and unexpectedly loving it, to getting that 7th nugget in your McDonalds meal by an accident. It's those random little things that make us from having an okay day to a good day.

Looking back 5 years ago, it is hard to imagine that I moved to Ottawa not knowing anyone with nothing but a bachelor's degree and two suit cases and now I own multiple properties and have multiple revenues. I still remember being so happy when I received my first "career" pay cheque in which I celebrated by buying a stainless steel garbage can that costed way too much for a garbage can. With the ups and downs I am grateful for everything that has happened to me. And one last thing... Thanks for reading my blog, I really, really appreciate it!!