September 8, 2014


Angry dog versus happy dog. All Janga needs to be happy are going for walks and eating human food. It's amazing how little dogs need to be happy.

The other day I was checking my bank account and wow- I didn't know I worked so hard and paid so much tuition to be this poor. "Well, you just got a second house. Of course you're house poor" my friend Joe said. So this is what it feels like to be an adult...

But at least I feel happy.

I feel happy because I am healthy and have all my fingers and toes.

I feel happy because I feel well.

I feel happy because I am dry, I am warm and I am clean.

I feel happy because I feel that I have a purpose and a goal.

I feel happy because I am comfortable with myself.

I feel happy because I am fed.

I feel happy because I feel loved.

We're here now, healthy and content because we are blessed. We get to drink sangria while the run rises and warms our hair. We get to cry because we are sad for whatever reason we do not need to explain. Contrary to some other women in this world, we are legally allowed to drive, and express our sexuality while openly tell the guy to F off if our senses tingle. We get to stay up late doing seemingly unproductive and unimportant things. We get to sing, draw, drink way too much coffee and talk nonsense whenever we feel like it.

There is so much to be happy about.


  1. Yup, it's the little things that actually turn out to the big ones if you don't have them...

    Janga is so cute. He does look very happy in the pictures!

  2. Aww, I'm really glad to hear that you're satisfied and have so many reasons to be simply happy. I'm still at the age where I love getting things and feel like I need to try or experience certain things before I have 'enough' but it is so true that with a home, with food and with love and peace with ourselves, our basic needs to be happy are met! There is so much to happy about, like myself, although I haven't done the expected route of going straight off to college right after highschool I've learnt so much more with my path of work and study and have manage to stay with my boyfriend through all of this and the last few years. It's all been so worth it and I couldn't be happier but if you'd told me I would do all the things I did and be happy I may not have believe you!

  3. I knew the blog name sounded familiar :) I used to check out your posts cause I liked the outfit posts~^^
    This is a great post. When things pile up, I know that I forget about the little things that I should be happy and thankful about.
    The one I most identify with right now on your list, would be that I do feel comfortable with myself. And it is important.

  4. Aw I love this post, Julie. What a great reminder to be grateful for all the things we have.

  5. And we should be happy, because, thankfully, we don't have big problems.
    Love your shorts btw,

    Have a nice day!!


  6. I've found that the key to life is to look at the little things that make you happy, especially the things we often take for granted.

  7. And some people might be happy about seeing a friend feel happy. :) Your happiness shows.
    Janga is very cute.

    PS - Depending on the time of year, I'm very happy to have a/c!

  8. Very cool!!! Love that tee!

  9. I love this post... you are right... there is so much to be happy for, I love your list... all of it. Thanks for the inspiring post :)

  10. What a great post, I think your posts are always very inspirational :) And great outfit too!! Your dog is so cute :)


  11. You're right about there being so much to be happy about. I should keep that in mind more often and strive to be a more optimistic person.

  12. I love this post, it makes me so happy as well ♥

  13. Your happy attitude put a smile on my face.Thanks for the reminder on all the things that bring joy. Haha, and yes, drink waaaayy too much coffee. ;)
    Love your print shorts!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. Such a positive outlook - and it's true, there are so many reasons to be happy!

  15. great outfit!!!! oh, how is cute ur dog)))))) have a wonderful day)))) xoxo <3

  16. Great shorts!

  17. aw, this was such an uplifting post! you are right, we have so many things to be happy about!! and let me tell you your dog is lovely x