September 8, 2014


Angry dog versus happy dog. All Janga needs to be happy are going for walks and eating human food. It's amazing how little dogs need to be happy.

The other day I was checking my bank account and wow- I didn't know I worked so hard and paid so much tuition to be this poor. "Well, you just got a second house. Of course you're house poor" my friend Joe said. So this is what it feels like to be an adult...

But at least I feel happy.

I feel happy because I am healthy and have all my fingers and toes.

I feel happy because I feel well.

I feel happy because I am dry, I am warm and I am clean.

I feel happy because I feel that I have a purpose and a goal.

I feel happy because I am comfortable with myself.

I feel happy because I am fed.

I feel happy because I feel loved.

We're here now, healthy and content because we are blessed. We get to drink sangria while the run rises and warms our hair. We get to cry because we are sad for whatever reason we do not need to explain. Contrary to some other women in this world, we are legally allowed to drive, and express our sexuality while openly tell the guy to F off if our senses tingle. We get to stay up late doing seemingly unproductive and unimportant things. We get to sing, draw, drink way too much coffee and talk nonsense whenever we feel like it.

There is so much to be happy about.