September 1, 2014

Denim On Denim

{wearing Sperry top-sider loafers, Persona bracelet, DIY tie dye shorts, Madewell shirt}

Hope you guys had a great Labor Day weekend. I went shopping and spent way too much money (including this pair of shoes I'm wearing here) that I felt bad and returned some purchases today. And now I seem compelled to tell the internet this.

Some friends come and go. Other friends turn into lovers then turn into strangers. It's stupid to forgive and forget someone after they have hurt you especially when they haven't changed one bit and show no remorse. Fool me once shame on you and fool me twice shame on me.

I know girls who are in relationships because the guy pays for the bills. I know girls who are in relationships because they need to be assured that they are loved by a guy at all times. I know girls who are having sex with guys because they feel that they ought to. I know girls who fall into believing that if they don't have love from a guy, they have nothing else.

Because too many people have been abandoned by their supposed friends. Because too many people have been let down by those who are supposed to be their nurturers. Because if someone gives them the attention and love now and even if it is purely conditional and temporary, it is still better than having no attention and love right now.

But nobody can love yourself like you can. Nobody can give you the security and confidence you need but yourself. And nobody but you is responsible for those, either.