September 26, 2014

DIY: Painting Vanity Table

{before and after}

Hi Guys. I haven't done a DIY for so long! Alas here is my latest project. I've been wanting a new vanity table for a while now, but haven't been able to find one I like for the price I want. Furniture shopping can be quite expensive.

Luckly I found this table on Kijiji a few weeks back. Kijiji is exactly like Craigslist except Craigslist is as shady as shit. While I was on Craigslist I came across multiple ads of women selling their used underwear for $20 each. Egad! I felt a pink eye coming just looking at the ad.

Alas all was good. I got my table after some haggling for $20. Solid wood and minor scratches! It was a good day.

On the left is the picture posted on Kijiji by the seller and on the right is my final product.

Here's how I did it:

You will need:
Sand paper, paint, primer, new drawer knob, a good paintbrush. All of which I bought at Home Depot.

Step 1. Sand down the shiny varnish with sand paper.
Step 2. Prime it.
Step 3. Paint it. Tip: use a roller to avoid brush strokes.
Step 4: Wax it to protect the paint (optional).
Step 5: Change the knob (optional).

Final Look:
And here are some pictures of the final product. Not bad for a $20 table. Hope you like it!