September 11, 2014

Ottawa In Summer

The other day I completely filled my SD card so I decided to clean out the photos. I realized that I have so many miscellaneous Ottawa bound photos taken over the last few months I have been neglecting.

I have this syndrome where I am photographically fascinated by everywhere other than where I live. 15 years living in Victoria, BC and not one picture of the inner harbor or the ocean until I permanently moved out east. And now when I visit Victoria I'm clicking my camera away at the lake near my parents' house where I used to have nightmares on being murdered and having the killer tie a rock to my body and drop me into the lake, my neighbor's peacock I never found attractive, and trees that look no different than any other trees: "but they look different than the trees in Ottawa, a-ha!" I'd say to myself.

To break the cycle here is a collage of some photos in Ottawa. Dispite the horrible winter chills, summer here is quite beautiful. Give me a chilled bottle of Vitamin Water and let me aimlessly wonder around Gatineau Park or Petrie Island for a day anytime.