September 12, 2014

The Mexican Rug

Out of all the souvenirs I've bought, this blanket was the most useful of all. I bought a giant wooden Buddha head in Cambodia: "What are you going to do with that?" My dad asked during the time I was purchasing the head, "I don't know, hang it in my bathroom?" I replied. It was $5 and I felt bad because the lady looked way too old to be working in 35C heat! The buddha head was in my bathroom for a good year until I decided that it was a bit creepy having this thing stare at me when I am taking a bath. Now it is paper weight in my living room.
Then there was the communism hat I wore so proudly in Cuba while chugging shots of rum and taking to whom we thought were our local friends but turned out to be prostitutes. Now the hat would probably only be good for Halloween, or if someone decides to throw a communism party...

So this blanket from Mexico wins of it being useful by a long shot. I still remember the day Danielle and I were on a mission of haggling and pestering guys selling these carpets to death, going from booth to booth until I got the color and the price I wanted. It was so worth it when I saw how much Urban Outfitters were selling it for.