October 8, 2014

All That Food

"I love how you wore those shitty free sunglasses with your Chanel bag." my friend joked. Yeah. I got these neon green sunglasses from Beau's All Natural Brewing when I was working at the Craft Beer Festival a few weeks ago. I loved them. Unfortunately these glasses only lasted 2 weeks. I found them chewed up and destroyed when I came home one day- Janga loved them in a different way than I did.

Explaining to a dog the importance of not chewing up a person's belonging is as effective as explaining to a dog... anything.

Anyway, hard to imagine this was just a few weekends ago here in Ottawa. Now the weather is cold and rainy. It was one of the very odd weekends where I didn't have to work at my side job at all. We went to Petri island and sat on the sand for a bit, then to Cumberland farmer's market, then Izakaya for dinner- so delicious. Their Nigitoro (fresh tuna with yuzu & avacado with won ton chips) is my all time favorite dish to eat here in Ottawa. Now I'm just counting the days until I fly to India. Ahhh!!


  1. I know what you mean about the weather... lately it has been cold and dreary... I love the Fall... I just don't love the cold... brr

    You won't be cold when you go to India... you probably won't want to come home ♡

  2. Oh wowzers, love your look and such beautiful pics!!


  3. Oh my goodness, love your black romper! t's crazy how fast the weather can change huh? Have so much fun in India, and share tons of photos with us!

  4. You look gorgeous in your romper and those pastries looks delicious! <3

  5. The stems on the yellow squash look fake--they are SO green. That's what they're supposed to look like, but never do in a store. I love those glasses too--but not in the chew 'em up way. I have to add Izakaya to my list of places to visit, your dinner looks so good!

    Maggie is finally slowing down a little on the chewing. I mean chewing the furniture and the rug. She still chews her toys apart in minutes and will swipe a shoe if we're not watching.

  6. Gorgeous outfits.

    I have a friend who flies to India every summer (I beg her to let me come along, but I can't pay for my ticket) :( That sounds amazing!

  7. Flying to India, WHAT??
    Pack me in your suitcase? I promise I'll be good ^^
    Haha, wow, that's fantastic. Now I'm already looking forward to the travel pictures from that trip!
    Anyway, great post, and awww, so sad about the green sunnies. Aha, dogs, how do you explain to them anything?

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. My bird loved to chew paper. It got to the point where if I left any paper on my bookshelves, she would chew it up instantly.

  9. Love your mix of shots of portraits and food! Love the look of that farmers markets vegetables and those pastries! YUM! You look glorious dear!

  10. such beautiful gallery


  11. Aw those sunglasses were very cute, it's too bad your doggy agreed a bit too much! I too lost a beloved pair of sunglasses too soon; I took out my favourite circle sunnies with mirrored lenses when I was in my hotel room in Vegas and forget to take it when we left in a hurry! I remembered right when we got to the airport but it was much too late by then...

    I love the romper, what a classy fit and design-- you look so pretty! Since it's still moderately warm in Vancouver, I've been taking advantage of the weather to wear my summer stuff before it's no longer possible. Rompers are on that list! Also, those food posts look delicious, you make me want to eat something right now even though I had a large pizza dinner tonight...

  12. India sounds amazing, can't wait to hear more. ♥ I think more people should combine affordable and luxury, I would do that - that is, if I afforded to buy luxury items :D Your outfit looks fabulous. Such a chic combo! ♥

  13. These photos are beautiful and really catch what late summers are about! <3 And your friend is right, it's cool you mixed cheap sunglasses with Chanel! xx

  14. Great outfit! Love the Chanel purse. And how exciting! India? Can't wait to see your photos!

  15. oh, sounds really great) Hope your trip to India will be fantastic:) Each of those photographs are so inspiring and lovely, you have wonderful photographic skills by the way:) Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  16. SO much yumminess in these photos. And sad, that your cheapie (yet fun!) sunnies got eaten. My sister's dog stole, ate and subsequently barfed up a pair of my socks so I feel you on futility of explaining why certain things should not be eaten to our canine friends.

    And you are going to INDIA? AMAZING (life dream of mine, must admit). I look forward to hearing about it - and esp seeing the photos!

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  17. The weather has been great here at Courtenay until these past 2 days, now it's rainy and windy. Lovely pictures as always!

    Reflection of Sanity