October 8, 2014

All That Food

"I love how you wore those shitty free sunglasses with your Chanel bag." my friend joked. Yeah. I got these neon green sunglasses from Beau's All Natural Brewing when I was working at the Craft Beer Festival a few weeks ago. I loved them. Unfortunately these glasses only lasted 2 weeks. I found them chewed up and destroyed when I came home one day- Janga loved them in a different way than I did.

Explaining to a dog the importance of not chewing up a person's belonging is as effective as explaining to a dog... anything.

Anyway, hard to imagine this was just a few weekends ago here in Ottawa. Now the weather is cold and rainy. It was one of the very odd weekends where I didn't have to work at my side job at all. We went to Petri island and sat on the sand for a bit, then to Cumberland farmer's market, then Izakaya for dinner- so delicious. Their Nigitoro (fresh tuna with yuzu & avacado with won ton chips) is my all time favorite dish to eat here in Ottawa. Now I'm just counting the days until I fly to India. Ahhh!!