October 24, 2014


{Photos by Zach}

It was really warm for a few days in October so I thought I'd wear something seasonally inappropriate. Thought I'd wear this skirt one last time before putting it away for winter.

So I'm off to India for a couple weeks, doing the whole Eat Pray Love thing- visiting temples, visiting little towns with no electricity or running water, visiting the orphanage, riding camels in the desert, eating delicious vegetarian food. I've been wanting to go to India since I was 9 so this is kind of like my dream trip.

People have been asking me "why India?" and honestly there's no 1 reason. I love Indian food, I love their culture (their religious mythology, all the colors and prints, what's there not to love?), and I've always wanted to see the Taj Mahal. I mean, I don't know, why go to France? Why go to Italy? Why come to Canada for Christ sakes, I still don't understand! All the same reasons really- everybody just wants to go somewhere different where the people there are bored and they want to visit to your country where you are bored. And that alone is a perfectly legit reason.