November 13, 2014

India Photo Diary: Jaipur

"Snakes are actually deaf. The music is just for show" The guide told us.

"Okay, there's nothing pink about this city." I said, after we had arrived in Jaipur.

Jaipur is known for its fort and other amazing archeological structures, and it is commonly refereed as "The Pink City"... Except there is nothing pink in the city. If anything there is this color of salmon throughout the old city wall.

"In 1876, the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India. So the city was painted pink to welcome the guests as pink represents the color of hospitality... But they couldn't find pink, so they painted it this tan color." our guide Dinesh explained.
"... And by the time the British went back and called it the 'pink city' it was too late to change the name."

Yup, as I have complained India is a country where the people will promise you everything followed by a "BUT".

I then continued to ask the guy if there is a significant meaning of people putting pictures of Gods on their front step, as I was seeing a few. His answer was my highlight of my day:

"People in India are religious, but they also urinate anywhere it is convenient. It is a rule that you never put a picture or a figure of God where the toilet is. So some people put a picture of God in front of their house to avoid others from urinating in front of their house."

India, you amazed me everyday I was there.