December 10, 2014

Snow Leopard

{wearing Motel dress, vintage fur shawl}

Something I wore to a holiday party over the weekend. I like the subtle sequins on the dress- shiny but not over-empowering. Lately I've been thinking of changing some things in my life, and prioritize a few things- I call it "things" because "goals" just make it sound scary and the pressure that comes with meeting them.

One of my "things" is to become more strict on myself about shopping for new items. There comes a day when a woman looks around her closet and says to herself, "I've got to weed out clothes that make me look like a pre-pubecent girl". I'm not the only one, am I? All of the sudden, you find yourself throwing out any clothing or accessories that have any trace of bows or floral or any resenblance of a tumblr hipster.

But it's not like your closet will shrink because you purged a bunch of stuff. the bows get replaced by tartan and the florals get replaced by leather. At least for me. The bags in your closet goes from Guess and Juicy Couture to Coach and Michael Kors, to eventually, own a few "actual designer" bags. The closet might shrink in size by a little, but the bank account balance seem to always stay the same, unfortunately.