December 8, 2014

With The Blues

{wearing Topshop blazer, Coach bag, House of Harlow sunglasses, Nine West shoes}

"You should be holding a saxophone with this outfit" Zach commented while we took the pictures.

Here is one of my go-to work outfits. I've always liked men's wear. Perhaps it is because I am never obligated to have to wear a tie that I like wearing ties/bows. It's like how I used to like gardening when I was 10 and now that I have my own yard I never take care of it until my neighbors give me backhanded compliments: "Your flowers are blooming nicely! Maybe they will bloom more if there are less weeds around it" or "the plants definitely look nicer than those dead grass you had!" "Oh, ha, they weren't dead dead, just a bit sad" I smiled and said, "ohh no, they were deaddd, very much dead!" they replied.

Seriously. One day I'm just going to say something to them along the lines of "Screw you and your elevated pedestal of yourself. My dog regularly pees on your flower bed. That's what we think of it."