January 22, 2015

January Blues

Some shots I took around Montreal and Tremblant over the past month. Montreal is surprisingly photogenic.

I've been feeling uninspired over the past week or two, but I think that's common for January. It's cold. Holidays are over. The bills are coming in. It's way too cold to jog outside and I even get lazy going to the grocery store. The other day I decided to cut my dog's hair because I was too lazy to take him to the groomers and ended up giving him the ugliest haircut. But good thing he is a dog and not a human being and so he can't complain about his ugly haircut.

But I think it is fine to feel meh. It's not like we are on prozac where we should feel happy all the time. Feeling bland and a little sad can be a good thing in that we can learn to be honest with ourselves about our situation and feelings.

Being happy and being sad are both choices. And I think when I get home tonight, I'm going to put on my nice bed sheets and take a fancy bath.