January 15, 2015

La Neige

For as long as I can remember, just as we move to the snow storm days I would just moan and bitch about how I'd have to shovel my driveway and my car will be dirty from all the salt on the road. Last week, a new guy joined our team at work. Sandeep came from India and his trip from Delhi to Ottawa was the first time he took a plane. He thought everything was wonderful. During one of our lunches, Sandeep started showing me his iphone photos of Costco, Walmart, and all the SUVs in the parking lot.

"Look it all the sus!" He said.
"What?" I said.
"Sus! Everyone has a big car!"
"Oh. SUVs. Yeah."
"And everyone here buy such large quantity things!" He continued to comment.
"Oh Costco. Yeah. And we eat steaks as big as our face. Welcome to North America."

"And this snow... isn't this beautiful?!"

For the next few minutes Sandeep scrolled through his photos of snow and more snow. Snow in trees, snow on his backyard fence, snow on the ground, snow in the parking lot, and dozens of selfies with snow.

"... yeah, that's snow alright." I said, as my manager and I looked at each other and chuckled. Seeing and dealing with snow is just part of our winter daily routine.
"It's so beautiful and white! How can you not see the beauty of this?!" Sandeep continued to say.

As it turned out it was Sandeep's first time seeing snow. I guess it was like my first time ever being in a sandy desert where there was nothing but sand. No palm trees. No grass. Just mountains of sand to the horizon. "Look at all the sand!!" I excitedly said to my guide, who looked at me the same way I looked at Sandeep.

Then our food came. It was also the first time Sandeep ever had Spaghetti. He thought it tasted delicious. I couldn't help but say, "Wait until you hear about this 'marijuana' and how people here purposely take drugs that make themselves hungry. Welcome to North America."

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