January 15, 2015

La Neige

For as long as I can remember, just as we move to the snow storm days I would just moan and bitch about how I'd have to shovel my driveway and my car will be dirty from all the salt on the road. Last week, a new guy joined our team at work. Sandeep came from India and his trip from Delhi to Ottawa was the first time he took a plane. He thought everything was wonderful. During one of our lunches, Sandeep started showing me his iphone photos of Costco, Walmart, and all the SUVs in the parking lot.

"Look it all the sus!" He said.
"What?" I said.
"Sus! Everyone has a big car!"
"Oh. SUVs. Yeah."
"And everyone here buy such large quantity things!" He continued to comment.
"Oh Costco. Yeah. And we eat steaks as big as our face. Welcome to North America."

"And this snow... isn't this beautiful?!"

For the next few minutes Sandeep scrolled through his photos of snow and more snow. Snow in trees, snow on his backyard fence, snow on the ground, snow in the parking lot, and dozens of selfies with snow.

"... yeah, that's snow alright." I said, as my manager and I looked at each other and chuckled. Seeing and dealing with snow is just part of our winter daily routine.
"It's so beautiful and white! How can you not see the beauty of this?!" Sandeep continued to say.

As it turned out it was Sandeep's first time seeing snow. I guess it was like my first time ever being in a sandy desert where there was nothing but sand. No palm trees. No grass. Just mountains of sand to the horizon. "Look at all the sand!!" I excitedly said to my guide, who looked at me the same way I looked at Sandeep.

Then our food came. It was also the first time Sandeep ever had Spaghetti. He thought it tasted delicious. I couldn't help but say, "Wait until you hear about this 'marijuana' and how people here purposely take drugs that make themselves hungry. Welcome to North America."

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  1. Amazing photos, dear and this place looks beautiful :)

    Have a great day, dear,

  2. Ahaha, I love your writing style Julie. Great pictures too!

  3. So gorgeous!!! And I love the pictures! The landscape is so amazing... :)
    Have a mic day!



  4. Winter wonderland! Love this outfit so much! I can tell how cozy you look in it! As how much beautiful the snow is, it's really sucks and pain to shoveling them on the drive way! I know. Btw, you look gorgeous!!!


  5. What gorgeous photos! I love your story, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  6. Sandeep sounds like me when I first moved to Philadelphia for college and seeing snow stay on the ground for longer than three days for the first time in my life. Boy, was that like a whole new world. It's funny, but I totally sympathize with foreigners now after moving from the South to the North. Now that I live in Baltimore, there are more "normal" sights to me, like Walmart, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and central A/C and heating lol.

  7. The colors of this cardigan!! So gorgeous:-)

  8. That's a sweet story. I still have that amazement of snow because it doesn't snow much in the UK, maybe once a year and it only lasts for a few days!

    I love the outfit.

    Corinne x

  9. What a cool story and those pics are stellar! You are such a beauty, dear! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Was so happy to hear from you :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  10. Beautiful photos dear. I love snow, but not driving in it! Cute story! "_ Happy 2015! x

  11. Hahahah, lovely to hear about your new colleague! It's much like people coming to asia for the first time and seeing shops ans shop of clothes and snacks that they can't recognize and not believing how cheap they are! I hope he has a great time over there and doesn't end up a fattie in a few years! Hehehe!

  12. LOL... this was funny Julie... I think we are so used to what we have that when someone points out the beauty of it we are shocked as we see little beauty in it... however; since last years Winter was the Winter from H**L.. I do have a hard time seeing the beauty in it... maybe if all I saw was a desert for a year, I might appreciate the snow...

    Have a great week, I adore how sarcastic and funny you are xox

  13. Beautiful pictures! Love your cape!

  14. A perfect capture in the cool setting. Enjoyed.

  15. aww!!!!! so cute n chic winter look!!! happy friday, sweety))))) xoxo

  16. You look awesome. I find it hard to stay stylish during the winter.

    We could do with some more snow over here... the ski hills are looking pretty sad.

  17. Amazing photos and I love your style! I can relate with Sandeep, though. I was just like him when I first saw snow and big SUVs but I mostly kept my excitement to myself. LOL.

  18. I wrote out a terrible joke about beauty in the snow, but replaced it with a real comment.

    I see beauty in the snow: 1) when I can be snowed in and just enjoy it; and 2) after I've finished shoveling/clearing it.

    If Sandeep could see how much toilet paper we buy, he would really be shocked. :)

  19. Hahaha, oh dear Sandeep. What we take for granted can be so exciting to others. It's refreshing to see though, huh?
    Though it reminds me of my friend from Hawaii who gets so excited and happy when it snows. Whereas I bitch and moan about having to drive in it, she's off taking selfies and making snow angels...

    Anyway, love the outfit! And hey, snow makes for a pretty background for photos at least :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  20. It's true that sometimes we forget to notice things like how pretty snow is, although today I did! It was really lovely here, at least I thought so until I had to shovel out my driveway, ha.

  21. So pretty..such beautiful pictures...love the layered look..

  22. You look gorgeous! Hands down!

  23. I love beautiful snow pictures but I can't even deal with walking in it let alone drive in it.
    I love you bag and outfit!!!

  24. Sandeep is hilarious! But we all get like that when we first see a new place. I think that's how I am when I travel, I am in awe of everything (although I may not be as funny as Sandeep! Haha!

  25. I would definitely behave like Sandeep in the case of snow. I haven't witnessed fallen snow before. When my bestie went to NYC and saw snow for the first time, she called me (at 2am my time) and screamed into the phone that it was snowing and she was so excited and the kids were so excited. And then the next few days, she complained to me about how to snow made everything so difficult. The blockage, the melting and refreezing, the slush etc. I've only witnessed the streets after it has snowed and so if I see snow as pristine as those in this post, I would definitely be able to see the beauty in it. Sandeep does sound like a great person to write about. He sounds almost too ignorant and cute in a way.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  26. I've seen snow before, but it's harder to get to snow in SoCal, than it would be in Canada. And while I would probably be excited to see sand, it's okay for me as well, because it's SoCal, it's suppose to be a desert. Now if you showed me an oasis in the middle of the desert that would be a completely different scenario.

  27. I love your earrings! feathersssss! tbh I'd probably act like Sandeep even tho I've seen snow (a lot). I just love how snow can make even the shittiest, dirtiest towns looks so clean and..magical? Too cheesy ^_^?

  28. Awesome post, sweetie! Love your outfit & the backdrop is stunning! Have a wonderful week, dear! xoxo

  29. Beautiful and white? Um....I'm pretty sure that beauty in the snow is Asian! :)

    Thank goodness I got that out of my system! I wanted to write it in my first comment, but censored myself.

  30. Aw. Funny how we can get complacent and something beautiful becomes mundane if we see it all the time...

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