January 8, 2015

Postcards from Mt.Tremblant

{Photos by Eric and me; wearing Michael Kors parka, Rudsak boots, BB Dakota sweater, J-Brand jeans}

"How far is Whistler from Toronto?" my cousin asked.
"Uhm, far enough that we won't get there by driving." I replied.
"Are there places to ski here?"
"Well... There's Mt.Tremblant."
"Where's that?"
"What?! You don't know about Tremblant?"

The next few minutes consisted me trying to explain how Mt.Tremblant is sort of like Whistler of Quebec. I was getting blank stares until I mentioned that the place is also known for "where the Taken guy, Liam Neeson's wife got into that skiing accident and died."

"Ohhh! Yes I know it now!" My cousin excitedly replied. And that's how celebrity gossip saved the day. While some of us have issues labeling countries on a world map and as my friend Piere said "No Julie, not all countries end with -stan are dangerous" after I voiced my concern when he said he wanted to teach in Kazakhstan... One can always count on who died and who got got divorced being a universal common ground.

We spent a few days in Mt.Tremblant where we skiied on fresh powdered snow and skated on a giant lake. It wasn't my choice to skate on a lake, I was paranoid that the ice would crack and I would die of horrible freezing death- I blame it on watching The Dark Knight Rises too many times.

"One of us should skate way in front in case the ice cracks," I said. After some debate over whose lives is worth more, we decided to unleash the dog. We took advantage of Janga's nature that dogs would do just about anything to do run around outside with minimal supervision. "He's not as heavy as us though", "Well then, strap some rocks on him" I said.

Of course I was kidding. The lake was fine. The dog was fine. Everyone was fine. No one died because everything was so cold and frozen. I didn't even wear any blush in these photos and my cheeks looks damn rosy. Nature's blush, just as good as the pregnant glow. It was a great few days, and I was reminded how much I love to ski while looking at the Tremblant village which looks like a mini snow globe from way up top.