January 12, 2015


{wearing Buffalo David Bitton leather skirt, J Crew stripe shirt, vintage fur vest, Rag & Bone booties}

Over the past week people have been asking me what my new year resolutions are.

I don't have any resolutions. But I have goals that I continuously work on: To be happy and to be at peace with myself. To try my best in things I attempt. To travel more. To cut out toxic people. To eat less french fries. To pay off my mortgage. To not be so afraid of taking on new tasks at work. To further expand my side business. To not buy stuff I don't need.

I want to live a life with minimal 'stuff'. I've always fancied people that can live out of two suitcases and move on the fly. The type of people that go traveling for months moving from places to places. It won't happen to me for a long while, because currently I think that two suitcases is only enough for my shirts, but I'm working on it. I want to further develop my closet for ageless wear instead of trendy wear.

I want to not just be happy, but be happy with myself. I want to be happy with how I choose to live. This includes being happy knowing that I feel fulfilled. Being happy that I am kind to others. Being happy that I'm physically active. Being happy to cook my own delicious meal instead of going to a overpriced restaurant just because it's trendy. Being happy to pay off my mortgage years early because mortgage interest is the worst. Being happy knowing I can spend a few thousand buying a designer bag or a luxury car, but choose not to and put the money towards traveling to foreign places and my perhaps early retirement.

Maybe one day when you visit on here, you will see me wearing tattered t-shirt and jeans living in the Himalayas where I spend my days learning about Buddhism and herding sheep. Or become a beach bum with my own tiki hut in Mexico (all that money saved from not buying another Chanel!) and all I do is chill and eat beef tacos. And I'm honestly okay with that.

I also got Instagram @julielan_ over the weekend, finally!! So let's be insta-friends!? Right now my Instagram is kind of sad with lack of posts in my feed that I feel like I'm just talking to myself :)