February 9, 2015

A Judith & Charles Spring

{wearing Judith & Charles, photos by my amazing sister Patti}

Spring is still weeks away but I recently got the opportunity to check out the Judith & Charles Spring 2015 collection. Judith & Charles specialize in work attires but there is definitely room for mixing and matching to create some sophisticated weekend attire. The Ocean Top is my favorite- this white V neck peplum-like top make any woman's body flattering with any bottom. Throw the Westwood jacket on any top indoors and it will keep you warm and stylish. Not to mention it is versatile enough that you can wear it at work and during happy hours. For ladies that don't mind showing off their midriff or like to wear high rise bottoms- the Seychelles Sweater is a great choice. So Spring, I'm ready whenever you are!


  1. Nice nice nice, and it gives a feeling for Spring, at least, to look at these pictures :)! I love the jacket a lot!

  2. I love those sunglasses! I like that v neck, as well. Is it only available in white, or are there other colors?

  3. So cute I love the pic against the wall. beautyjunkkie.com

  4. Cool clothes! I like the black and white printed jacket you're wearing.

    It's been so cold, where I am. I can't wait until spring comes and until the weather (hopefully) warms up!

  5. I like your hair! And that v neck is gorgeous!

  6. Love the tops! Super nice clothes!



  7. I'd love to meet your photographer! LOL. The lighting (and you of course) is always on point! :) Yep, I'm SO ready for Spring, too!!! Couldn't come here fast enough!

  8. wow so classy and amazing. you look great.

  9. wow you just got a new follower
    i am so in love with your vivid style, unique Locations.
    amazing amazing amazing
    i am so in love with your hair *.*

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

  10. Love these looks! I'm excited for Spring as well :)



  11. I love the top, and the jacket! :)

  12. Julie, I am in love with that white shirt... as I was looking at the different ways you were wearing it I was thinking Oooo, I want that... it is really pretty. xox

    You look great in it and by the way, I am so ready for Spring too... I cannot wait to go outside without a Winter Jacket and boots xox

  13. What gorgeous photos! I can't wait for spring ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  14. You look so adorable in your hat! Great outfit too. Lovely lady! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  15. such lovely photos :) That hat really suits you! Just looking at these pictures make me excited for spring <3

  16. I love LOVE that top! I'm a lover of V necks and how flattering they are to the neck and face! I totally would check out that shop too if I had one near me! Love how that crisp clean white of your top goes so well with the rims of your glasses!

  17. Really cool outfit...love the top and the shape is really flattering.


  18. You and your sister are a great team: you're a stunning model, and she's an amazing photographer!
    I love all these looks. You add a lot of personality to even the simplest pieces.

  19. The v-neck is really nice, but ANY bottom??? :)

  20. I know some really special ppl born this month. I hope you have a great month. coupon store offer codes

  21. great work, dear!!)) <3 <3 <3

  22. Cute outfit. Your top is very pretty :)

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