February 5, 2015

Roadtrip to Toronto

{Photos by Kirk, Patti and me, wearing Judith & Charles jackets, Zara pants, Cougar boots, Danier leather backpack}

Last week my sister came to Ontario for the first time. She had a medical school residency interview in Ottawa amongst other cities including Toronto so we took a liberty of making it into a mini vacation where we went to see the CN tower, Kensington Market, walked around Queen Street, etc etc etc. I was nonchalant about visiting all those places since I have been many times but I was always excited about what to eat- Toronto is amazing for their wide selection of food options. Throughout the weekend I was wearing Judith & Charles' Johann jacket and leather jacket. Both are surprisingly warm against the -10 C weather and easy to move around in. It made walking around outside much more bearable.

By the way, with the pictures above- We look nothing alike, eh? Yeah. The ongoing joke in our family is that I was adopted, since I look nothing like either of my sisters. Lol.


  1. These photos are great- I love the colors and the setting looks amazing. Hope the time with your sister was good!


  2. You look so happy together and that same joke is in my family!
    One of my sisters is so different that people who don't know us never guess we are sister.

  3. Some very nice pictures of Toronto, though I was surprised at the graffiti.
    I don't know why I was expecting Toronto to be immune from that problem, there's no reason why it should be, but it was certainly a surprise.

  4. You make it seem like it's so warm, but I know if Baltimore is cold, then Canada must be even colder! Cute outfit, too.

  5. I'm glad you and your sister had a good time... I know what you mean about seeing the sites you've already seen..
    It's more fun with someone who has not seen them before.

    I look like 2 of my sisters but not like the rest of them. .... we either look like our mom or our dad ;-)

    You look great Julie ♡

  6. Hope you enjoy your trip in Toronto! It was nice meeting up with you after such a long time (9 years) wow!!! Come visit again!!!

  7. Looks like an awesome trip! Hope the interviews went well for her. Also, your boots are siiiiiick (does anyone say that anymore?) LOVE THEM!

  8. Oh, what gorgeous photos! It looks really pretty there ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  9. I love seeing you visit different cities in Canada! I'm surprised those jackets keep you warm, that's great plus they're lovely simple but such fashionable pieces! And I DO see the similarity between you and your sister!! It's in the nose and mouth area! You have slightly more sharp facial features but that is what makes the big difference I believe!

  10. Very cool and pretty outfit and what amazing backdrops you found! Gorgeous lady :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  11. Lovely photos! And you look gorgeous!


  12. Awesome snaps, very urban :-) And I love both those jackets, so nice.

  13. Nice jacket! Good luck to your sister!

  14. Great photos! And don't feel bad. I get the adopted comments from my family too. Oh well. Just means I'm unique. :-)

  15. love your outfit as always! Love the backgrounds. You look pretty! Lol i got similar joke from my family that they found me in the street by myself when i was really little. Haha

  16. Wonderful photos! Surviving my first winter in New York is quite a struggle. How do you stay warm in just a coat and blouse? I wear 4-5 layers everyday and I'm still freezing.

  17. Street shots are amazing! Lovely pictures! :)

  18. I think you and your sister have similar noses, and mouths. I think it's probably the difference in hair color that threw me off at first. :)

  19. awwww.... so cool travel pics, hunny))))) wanna visit Toronto)))) xoxo

  20. Great photos ! Your jacket is marvelous :)

  21. You've got the same nose though :) Canadians can just wear a jacket with an open-neck shirt and go out in -10 degree weather - damn, you are tough, girl! I'm always wrapped up like a sausage here in Tokyo ;)

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