February 5, 2015

Roadtrip to Toronto

{Photos by Kirk, Patti and me, wearing Judith & Charles jackets, Zara pants, Cougar boots, Danier leather backpack}

Last week my sister came to Ontario for the first time. She had a medical school residency interview in Ottawa amongst other cities including Toronto so we took a liberty of making it into a mini vacation where we went to see the CN tower, Kensington Market, walked around Queen Street, etc etc etc. I was nonchalant about visiting all those places since I have been many times but I was always excited about what to eat- Toronto is amazing for their wide selection of food options. Throughout the weekend I was wearing Judith & Charles' Johann jacket and leather jacket. Both are surprisingly warm against the -10 C weather and easy to move around in. It made walking around outside much more bearable.

By the way, with the pictures above- We look nothing alike, eh? Yeah. The ongoing joke in our family is that I was adopted, since I look nothing like either of my sisters. Lol.