May 11, 2015


{Photos by Ian and me; wearing Lord & Taylor Design Lab suede dress, Chanel bag, Ray Bans}

Spring has finally arrived and so has the blossoms. Sigh. It's finally shorts and skirts weather- except today.

The older you get the more you don't give a damn. I think everyone is and can be crazy- you just have to push the right buttons. Some people have more buttons that make them go crazy than others.

I'm mostly an "easy going person" but if someone pushes the right button then boom. One of my buttons include dealing with people who have a sense of entitlement and think that they ought to be treated better than the rest. Over the past few weeks there was a passive aggressive dispute between what families with kids and families without kids are doing to our neighborhood park. The argument went back and forth through a letter on the mailbox and yesterday I decided to "screw this passive shit" and did something about it. What I did was probably "not very nice", but I got the job done. My crazy button definitely went off.

Growing up as a female, you're taught to always be polite and agreeable. Because a girl who isn't agreeable is "prissy" and a girl who voices too much opinion is a "bitch". On the other hand, "boys will be boys". They can say and do mean things and fight each other and break things and devour their food like animals at the dinner table and that's more acceptable. Guys and girls, at one point we all converge and compromise because we know better. The excuses dry up and the apologies wear thin.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves as an adult- at least most of us. It's not that easy, our expectations are unrealistic compare to the movies. Life isn't as magical as it is on the big screen. It doesn't always end in a happy ending or the way we want it to. And that's okay, because things still manage to work out when we look back on it.

And it's really okay not to give a damn sometimes.