May 25, 2015

Montreal In Spring

{Photos by Eric and me; wearing Express black blouse, French connection leather jacket, Zara trousers}

Some photos Eric and I took in Montreal over the long weekend. We played tourist for a bit when our friends from India came to visit.

"Are you sure you don't want to come inside Notre Dame with us?" Vineet asked.
"No, we will wait out here for you guys." I said.
"Why, it's not good?"
"No, it's good. But it's kind of like when I went to India and you guys didn't want to go see a fort that you've seen 1000th times and now the roles have reversed." I replied.

We waited outside. We soaked up the sun, Judged tourists' bucket hats and black socks with khaki shorts, and offered to take photos for strangers that seemed to be struggling taking their own a selfies. Our friends ended up taking a good hour inside Notre Dame. "Wow, are they converting in there or what!?" I joked, and pictured the 4 of them coming out wearing crosses and matching "JESUS LOVES ME" t-shirts. But it's understandable, as when I was in India I took just as long visiting their temples oooh-ing at everything while they twiddled their thumbs waiting for me at the exit. After all, aren't these the point of traveling?