June 1, 2015

Lights Will Guide You Home

{Photos by Ian; Wearing Sam Edelman dress}

I've been doing my semi yearly purge again. I got rid of a trunk load of clothes and shoes over the weekend. It feels good. Every time I force myself to throw away items I semi-like but never wear or ill-fitted clothes I feel much lighter. I'm okay with my life right now. I could be happier, but I can also be more miserable. I feel confident in myself but still unsure about some things. I feel the need to be adored but also the need to be alone. Sometimes I am blunt and seems that I have no heart but sometimes I show an incredible amount of unexpected sympathy. At times I feel I'm content, but not that content. And at times I feel really depressed, but not that depressed.

I started my purging ritual a few years ago when I was in a rut and found it a form of therapy for me. I still feel that way. And I still strive to live a minimalistic life and one day, move to somewhere south and being able live out of a suitcase by the beach.