June 15, 2015


{Photos by Eric; wearing Zara pants and top, Free People x Jeffrey Campbell heels}

Hope you had a great weekend. We spent majority of the weekend road tripping up north and Sunday afternoon doing yard work. I've been doing it for 5 summers now and still have no idea the fascination with yard work. Like, I spent $40 on mulch and dirt. That's kind of expensive for dirt and wood chips considering $40 can buy a mediocre lunch for two. And then the plants, they are pretty costly if you want nice looking ones. So instead of buying new plants to replace the dead ones I neglected, I thought of replacing it with gnomes and shiny garden ornaments. Eventually my whole yard will be sans plants and replaced by pink flamingos and gnomes. I wonder if this is how crazy yard lady starts out.


  1. amazin look, dear)))) will u show the result of ur yard after finishing??))) happy monday, sweety))) xoxo

  2. I love the look and yes I also think yard work is quite pricey if you want it to look good!
    I just go with plants that I can't kill, like cactus and Aloe Vera for instance.


  3. Love the culottes!

    I like growing veggies and berries, but don't have a lot of interest in flowers although I plant some to make the bees happy. We also just spent $200 on rocks and sod to fix up our backyard. :(

  4. Haha... Julie that was hilarious... I love that... I'd be the crazy backyard lady too... I don't have much patience for gardening... I hear it's relaxing.... I don't know about that... :-) ♡

    I love your skirt and cute top... you look so ready for summer xox

  5. Stunning look girl! I love the absolute chicness of this outfit and the design of the top and pants <3

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  6. Went to the beach this weekend since it was a pretty long weekend for us here in the Philippines... Independence Day last Friday. Love your pants so much! :D


  7. LOVEEEE this whole look, esp those pants!!


  8. Rock those culottes! Great look <3


  9. I spent the weekend trying to not get sick, but have bronchitis anyway. I really like low maintenance lawns, so more gnomes and fewer bushes