August 10, 2015

Miss Rumphius

{photos by Ian; wearing H&M dress, Alex & Ani bracelet}

These were taken in Halifax, NS. The land of lupines. I remember this children's book I read when I was young. It was called "Miss Rumphius". It was about a lady who wanted to send cheers to the world so she went planting lupines in her neighbors' yard and everywhere she traveled. The lupines spread like crazy and so did happiness. Miss Rumphius died as a happy person. Now that I'm older, I realized that that is actually an act of an eco terrorist. Now excuse me while I go kill a colony of ants in my garage who are like "Hey Julie, can we please take the crumbs you dropped and forgot to vacuum up?" and I'm like "HELL NO GO DIE OF A HORRIBLE POISONOUS DEATH.".