August 28, 2015

New Brunswick Insta

Over the past week I've been road tripping through New Brunswick eating delicious seafood and doing anything ocean related. For the first time I did not bring my laptop and mostly relied on my phone for taking photos. I'm a light packer and the thought of carrying around a work laptop and a personal laptop is just too much.

New Brunswick is a beautiful place, with all its rocks being the red-ish color. It was actually an eye opener for me as I actually wasn't sure what to expect while visiting the province. Fundy provincial park was beautiful with its unique shaped rocks and fossils. I could have stayed there for a few more days exploring the Fundy coast. The seafood here is delicious and I can never have enough lobsters.

Special thanks to Maison Simons for some of the attires I'm wearing here. They just opened a new store in Gatineau, Hull and it is huge with clothing, accessories, home stuff, and even their own cafe. I thought I was going to be in there for 20 minutes but that turned into an hour and half because they have so much stuff. Check them out!

 Dress from Simons, this is my favorite piece right now - so pretty!
Skirt from Simons. I'm using it as a coverall here.
{Photos by Ian and me}

Pictures 1, 2, 10: Hopewell Rocks, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick
Pictures 4, 6: Sailing at Kennebecasis Bay, New Brunswick
Pictures 5, 7: St.John, New Brunswick
Pictures 3, 8, 9: Rothsay, New Brunswick

More pictures on my instagram @julielan_