August 17, 2015

Sun Soaked

{hair extensions from Irresistible Me}
Taking advantage of the last sunlight the other day in Ottawa. In these photos I'm wearing hair extensions by Irresistible Me. They are made of 100% human hair and clip in extensions, which makes it super easy to put in and take out.

As mentioned before, I have issues growing out my hair due to all the hair dye I've used. Most times they just chip off or turn into split ends. I've tried using hair oil and all sorts of expensive hair conditioners but none help. Sure, the obvious is to stop putting chemicals in my hair, but that's no fun. It's like going to bars but sipping apple juice the whole time. Or eating the same food every day. Live a little, why don't we! Hence thanks to the people at Irresistible Me, this is a good alternative to having long luscious hair that I would other wise never be able to grow. Or, having long hair anytime I want to, without the hassle of always having to take care of long hair :)

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