September 14, 2015

Cast Away

{Photos by Ian; wearing necklace from Happiness Boutique}

These photos were taken in Dartmouth (near Halifax). It is rare to find such a sandy secluded beach so close to the city. The necklace is from Happiness Boutique. It's such an eye catching piece that you can pair it with any outfit to dress it up. I pretty much wore it every night when I was in Vegas going out.

I'm back to Ottawa from Nevada and Arizona. It was one of the more stressful and painful trips I have taken, and I made a difficult decision to cut it short. I have always been a very easy going person to travel with. I eat everything, have no dietary restrictions, I can get ready within 10 minutes, and I'll sleep anywhere as long as it is clean and safe. I've also always been someone who doesn't mind going on trips with strangers. I actually like going on trips with strangers. And since I have no restrictions on food or accommodations I figure I'd get along with anyone. But this time I learned that sometimes people just don't 'work' together.

I didn't know the people I was suppose to travel with except one guy whom I briefly met 9 years ago. And it just didn't work. To me, there comes a point, when someone becomes old enough to know better and be a team player. These guys slept in until noon, were indecisive about every possible thing (to a point of spending half an hour deciding whether to eat or do laundry), took 3 hour lunches, spent hours at 3am driving around drug stores to buy toiletries, said they were ready and then made everyone wait for for them some more... They changed the itinerary and did not let me know until the night before I was suppose to fly out which caused me to scramble canceling hotels and rearranging my travels last minute... That feeling of constantly waiting and loitering around doing nothing- I couldn't do it anymore.

Inefficiency and indecisiveness drives my crazy especially when I'm on vacation. Vacation is the time to explore, to try new things, to see things that you normally don't see. And if you need longer than others to get ready, be considerate and get up before everyone else to use the shower. Simple.

Thank goodness for my friend Arjun for being there. After we left the group, we did more in a night than we did with them in 2 days. Lesson learned. Done. Out.